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My thoughts on life
listen to the wind talk/it tells of misfortune,trial,and error/a true life tale of horror and terror/how parents mistreat their sons and daughters/women in the streets walk the beat/just to cook the scrambled eggs they eat/men killing each other just to show off the size of their heat/the street beef of color blinded gangs in the streets/kids dying cause of hate in the streets/sic men screaming because they thinking of raping the streets/hopes all gone cause of no faith in the streets/no love lost cause ain't none shown in the streets/just alot of pain and suffering/that's the talk of the wind in the streets


Life is so predictable and so plain/Like a movie,same actors,same scenery,but different stage/What if I mess up a line/Can I really yell "cut rewind"/Life can be so blind/No pictures,no lights,no sound/Wake me if I'm dreaming/I'm tired of lifes ground/Life to live life to give/Die unhappy to be born again unhappy/Souls crash together to make it to life I'm not understandin/Memories set in again/Now you tying to leave life so fastly/Life is lived to enlighten the soul/so why
does life play things so cold/God please spare this tarnished soul/Live life no more when I grow  old


No where to go and no where to turn I can't sleep at night cause it feels like my soul's being burned No real family no real fiends Am I not worthy to ever smile again The rosary I wear is to relieve the burden Don't want to go to hell But for me heaven I'm not certain All I can do is wait for the day God ends my journey Step up to the throne and accept my verdict Will I rest in peace or return to suffer in these same streets It's hard being here without a friend to lend a ear So I hope my final days will change paths and switch gears


i stand there with open arms/waiting for love to do no harm/feelings hit me like a cold wind in a storm/hoping for comfort when emotions run warm/there I stand with open arms//lost in silence when things go wrong/fight for the courage to carry on/will my faith remain strong/i wish for change to come along/here I stand with open arms//in the hours of triumphant power/my soul grows and rises up with springs flowers/my smiles last days upon days/my sorrow fades at last in the shade/still I stand with open arms


We grow with love and nourishment just like flowers to light and water/ We wither away when we are ill/ we loose hope and no longer feel/Every minute brings us closer to sleepless dreams/Thinking tomorrow we can wake up and achieve silence again/The hour of knowledge has just begun/We see our silhouette in the raging sun/The time of forgiveness is upon/ Stop waisting time/Time stop waisting/What goes around comes around/It's the design of human nature

Poetry By Maria Greene
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