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Rated: E · Novel · Fantasy · #1875262
Necropolis...a place we go after death, but only the souls, and all about 'Necro-polices'.
Novel : Necropolis I
Author: BlackLight Sonata

Prologue: All about Necropolis [3%]

The world has many dimensions since the pasts such as: dimensions of time, parallel world, dimensions of dream, dimensions of oneself, or even dimensions of its own world...or to say that it has many dimensions that can't be told all of it, and there's no one who can tell its real number.

But there's one of them that a few people who could feel it, that is the dimension which is pressing this world and this world also pressing it. The one known as 'Dimensions of Death', and thus, this world is called 'Dimensions of Life'.

The dimensions of death will only take the dead people and become souls to be the one of the citizens, which the place is called as Necropolis. When they entered Necropolis, they can't go out to any other dimensions unless your time to be the soul is out. This makes them rebirth in the dimensions of life again. It has be in the cycle all the time.

Although they are souls, they still need things like when they were alive--food, shelters, medicines, clothes and money, so this can't make them feel 'dead' at all. It is all because they still have desires within the tranquil, peaceful Necropolis.

To be honest, those peace they're getting have an inside story.

Sometimes, the two dimensions are distorted and combine themselves even though it's impossible. So those two would make a 'door' that let in the people or let out the souls.

If we leave this problem out, the dimensions will be distorted, then causes the explosion which makes the dimensions into dust. That's why the good and bad balanced souls are meant to do this very important thing...

The job that sends people and souls to the right place...

The job of Necropolices.

Hello ladies and gentlemen >w<!

I'm Thai but I want to write novels as Eng. too, so I tried.

I know that there's a lot of grammatical error...so if you find it out, please tell me TwT''
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