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by Dallas
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Memories of the past
Standing, waiting, watching, hoping.

Maybe they forgot about me

Maybe I do not have to go

If they did, I would have missed out

Met my best friends that day

Brennan and Joel were my cubby buddies.

Jumping, laughing, giggling, waiting.

Do not forget me

I want to go

Sat with Joel until we parted

Met one more best friend

Trent and myself always in trouble

“Sorry Ms. Herrick, we didn’t mean to.”

Trace announcing Ms. Herrick is not Ms. Herrick anymore

She is now Mrs. Howell

Petrified, scared, horrified, nervous.

Oh please forget me

I do not want to go

She’s a bully

A bully that turned into my best friend

Shelby and I catching Brennen

The wind blew him away every day

Bubbly, happy, fizzy, cheery.

Do not leave me behind

I have to go

Zane is waiting for me.

I cannot disappoint him

Magic awaits us on the carriage.

I need to save him from Kelsey Vetter

Anxious, nervous, shy, overwhelmed.

Do not forget my house

I am reluctant to leave

Glad I did though

Luis fell out of his desk

I told him to, but I saved him

Missing those days with him

Cheerful, Enthusiastic, Eager, Fun.

If I am forgotten, I will be upset.

I really would enjoy going

People are waiting for me to get off

I am the flower girl

Emma and Michael are having their wedding.

Underneath the jungle gym during recess.

Unwilling, dreading, hating, regretting.

Forget me please

I do not want to get up

Katelyn always gets in trouble for Katie and me talking

It is always her fault. Ha!

Mrs. Frazier shows us how to dance to “Change, Change”

Tired, reluctant, sleepy, slow.

Forget me. Just forget me.

“Mom I do not feel well. Do I have to go?”

Pull my hair back into a slick ponytail

Sweat pants and large t-shirts are my best friend

Alex always flirts with me and makes me giggle like a school girl

Secret crushes that are never spoken, until it is too late

He moves away, leaving me all alone.

Blank, empty, nothingness, alone.

I am forgotten

I go, but I go miserably

I miss him, but it goes unspoken

No one knows how alone I truly am

I am close with my friends

But even they do not see the black hole I kept hidden

That I still keep hidden

Angry, hostile, sad, happy.

So many emotions this year

Do not know whether I want to go or not

Katie, my best friend, betrayed me

I found my current best friend Aliccia

She has made a huge impact in my life

But volleyball brought me back to life

Volleyball became my everything.

Happy, joy, cheery, bubbly.

I do not have to worry about being forgotten

I am in charge of getting myself there now

Jordan waits for me every morning and after school

Dandelion fights every day during track practices.

Some people thought we had a thing

Always was my best guy friend, nothing more.

Sleepy, happy, excited, restless.

Katelyn made sure I was up every morning

Katelyn made sure I was at school every day too

“Porque!!!!” brought a new addition to my friends

AJ left her EMO days behind and became a part of my world

She made herself a somebody, instead of a nobody

I have never been more proud of her

She is doing it, she is making a life for herself

And I wish her the best of luck.

Remembering, missing, regretting, loving.

Sitting in a chair, reminiscing about the past

The ups and downs, the potholes in the road

All shaped us into the people we are today

The past stays in the past, but it is nice to remember

Remembering the time the biggest worry was coloring outside the lines

Now it is getting into college

Knowing that I am trading being a Rebel

To become a Spartan

I am starting a new phase in my life

One full of new memories, new friends, new teammates

But I will always have the memories I am leaving behind

Memories that will stay with me forever

And so I bid ado to my classmates

Thank you for the memories

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