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There is a storm raging outside
The air is hot, sticky, and muggy, yet still and very calm
You can feel the heat rising on your face, and you know the rain is coming
Suddenly there is a breeze where there was no air before
But, still there is that deadly calm that you feel just before a storm

The leaves on the trees gently begin swaying, but not too much
Looking up you see the heavy darkness moving into the sky, and deep inside you know that the storm is nearby
Then without hesitation the first warning drops of rain fall on your face
It's time to get inside because the storm is on its way

Out of nowhere the limbs on the trees begin to shake and toss around violently
The hail comes tumbling down and splatters all over the ground
The storm is here, and you are glad that you took cover from the rain
Limbs are falling and trees are pitching over knocking out lights and power every where

Looking out your window you see power lines down and trees uprooted
You see darkness everywhere, but still there is that calm surrounding you
Feeling the power of the wind and the hail that's falling down you know the storm has hit
And simultaneously you know that you are sitting in the eye of the storm

Suddenly chairs and tables are being uplifted and roofs are flying by
Neighbors' houses are tilting from side-to-side
The worse is almost over, but you know to stay inside
Because the winds are still very high, but inside your house you are no longer dry
You look up, your roof is gone, as you sit there knowing that the eye of the storm has just passed you by!
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