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Rated: 18+ · Sample · Dark · #1875372
second chapter preview :3
“Hey Terra wakey wakey.”
“What? Wha…”
I felt a light tapping on my shoulder as I opened my eyes to a bright scene where a human silhouette stood over me.
“Wake up you lazy bum, you can’t sleep forever.”
I pushed away its hands kicking like a small child.
“No way man leave me alone, I’m to tired…”
The silhouette leaned in closer to my face clearing out the blurriness so I could see that it was Rachel grinning, her dark blue eyes were squinted as she peered down at me and auburn colored hair radiated in the light.
“Too tired? Come on you have to wake up. For me.”
I looked at her uneasily and felt a sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach.
“But I am up. I’m talking. See?”
“No you’re asleep. Wake up now or you’ll be fucked like me.”
“Wait what do you mean?!”
I stared at her bewildered as my thoughts were racing back and forth. She grabbed my hand and held on to it loosely.
“I mean if you don’t wake up you’ll die…please don’t die.”
I backed away from her shaking my head repudiating what she averred.
“No I’m not going to die! What the hell are you talking about?!”
She looked at me despondently and had put both her hands on my one.
“Did you already forget what had happened Terra?”
I ignored her gaze but was beginning to recall the event that had just taken place. I felt ill. There was tightness in my throat as the images came back. The sight of her being dismembered then gorged.
“S-so it wasn’t just a dream…
My eyes burned as I gazed up at her.
“You really did die…”
She nodded and moved a few strands of hair out of my face.
“I did…but you got lucky. You’re still alive. You need to wake up…”
Her hand was turning frigid and her skin became so translucently pale, I pulled my hand away slowly but she held onto me.
“Hey that hurt!”
She glared at me, I looked down to see that her hand was still holding onto mine but the rest of it was missing.
“What the fuck?!”
I threw it down and crawled back my eyes watching as her body began to decay: Her arms were hanging by little pieces of flesh, the bones were splintered. She shambled to me her eyes wide, her smile forming into a twisted grin. Chunks of her face began falling off leaving a gruesome mess, she began to spasm violently as her insides spilled out of her onto the ground in front of me splattering blood everywhere. In a deathly rage she threw her head back and let out a deafening wail then collapsed on top of me.
“You did this to me! You fucking bitch look at what you did! I’ll drag you fucking kicking and screaming to hell with me!”
I shoved her hard enough so she would get off of me, I was screaming incoherently my mind racing from one thought to the other unable to see through the phantasmagories of her falling to pieces or of us being dragged to burning pits in the ground. I stood up shakily holding my ground and screamed into the cold air.
“What the fuck is going on here?!”
I inhaled deeply then kicked off running into darkness leaving her chilling wails behind me.

It seemed like I had been running forever when I finally collapsed to my hands and knees. Tears had fallen from my eyes again running off my hands.
“Where…where am I?…”
I clenched my hands tightly glaring at the ground and punched it in frustration and anger, I looked around feeling scared again. I wanted to find someone, anyone.
“Please…somebody tell me where I am…why am I here…if I’m dead why can’t I just be asleep in a box?…”
Death to me was sleeping in a cold box underground away from the world, your body just rotting away and the wooden coffin decaying allowing pests inside to their new home. I closed myself up in the fetal position clasping my knees close to my chest firmly, shutting my eyes to the world and wishing it would go away or something. I’ve never been so full of fear ever in my 19 years of life. Not even fighting had been this tormenting. I felt lost, cold, alone, in a mysterious, bleak unknown world and all I wanted was to be saved. I was always the quiet one and I never spoke my mind often, people thought I could protect myself. I can but occasionally people like me need to be protected. I’m expected to protect others but I told myself many times they shouldn’t put their lives in my hands. I wasn’t the most steadfast girl around…I just did what I was told to do and attempted to do my best…if I failed I would say I deserve death for screwing up. Maybe I drove my mom to death for the way I acted…I wasn’t a bad kid, really. She just thought I was depressed all the time. I told her constantly I wasn’t but…I guess after dealing with me for so many years without dad around she couldn’t handle it…her body just shutdown…so maybe this is hell for me killing her. I could imagine it…I always thought it was an area that was eternally ablaze, the people who were condemned there were tortured…I guess I was wrong.

I laid on my back staring up at the blackness nearing sleep only being kept up by the wails that I heard but I was used to it now because I knew they weren‘t getting nearer.
“Why is it getting warmer?…(yawn) I’m exhausted…”
I rolled over on my side using my hand as a pillow, my eyes had grown heavy as I hummed a song that I remembered from my childhood seeing that it was oddly very calming even in the direst situations. My eyes were shut and I drifted off into slumber before a bright light forced me awake and upright.
I glanced around the bright room surveying every secreted corner askance . Two shadows had appeared by my side one was sitting next to me, the other stood their hand moving bangs out of my frightened eyes. A mans voice spoke.
“Hey there you’re finally up kiddy.”

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1875372