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They were born that way..

        Material Girl is the original and Lady Ga Ga is her prodigy.
        I think they should do a duet ..
        "Inspiration does not always come from God, sometimes it is
        the wine you drink." Pablo Picasso.
        Geeze. It's dancing music ladies don't get your feathers up!

                Totally and completely ridiculous Pop bump and grind!
        But, I love you both to tears. Did you know that religion uses
        music to pray to God? Music can also be used to drum up war
        or the Devil. I just saw a silly movie about suing the Devil.
        Of course, the Devil defense is free will. We all have a choice;
        to listen to Madonna or Lady Ga Ga or both. Can you dig it?

                I had a silly debate with a friend about why God allows
        evil. He thought God was somewhere else and didn't have time
        for our problems. I quoted my dad, "We live in the mind of God."
        So, ladies your living God's dream. Ergo inspiration is "reductive".
        I'm quoting Lady Madonna. I still want to spank her for EVITA.
        That was so .. reductive.

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