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It always baffled scientists how to make and event disappear.
Space-Time Clock will make Events Invisible

The time of Harry Potter using invisibility clock to disappear from the observers view is long gone. Now the scientists at Andrews University in Michigan are working on Space-Time clock invisibility.
An even can be hidden entirely from human eyes. Richard Lovett a journalist for the National Geographic, on his recent article Space- Time clock possible Clock writes, “ In theory, the clock would slow down light coming into the robbery scene while the safe crackers at work. When the robbery is complete, the process would be reversed, with the slowed light now racing to catch back. If the before and after visions are seamlessly stitched together, there should be no visible trace that anything upward has Happened. One second there is a closed safe, and the next second the safe has been emptied.” ( Lovett, National Geography)
The closest to Space-Time is fiber optics in which companies such as Comcast as well as Verizon can control the speed of light that varies a few percentages by changing the intensity of light by a powerful leaser.
U.S military owns a powerful laser for this job. The immense light from that laser not only can clock the event, it also can hide an event occurring inside a fiber optic such as electronically signal moving from one location to the next from the observer’s view. The application has tremendous affect on war on terror. A selected military unit can move undetected to location of the terrorist anywhere in the world and on specific time arrest the entire terrorist without the outlaws knowing what hit them.
In the public eye, this is just a theory and will take years our scientists working in a simple university lab with the modest budget can accomplish anything. But in secret military installations such as hanger 18, and the infamous Area 51, and the RAND Corporation and who knows lots of other hidden facilities with black budgets that public never know about them that run by the elite forces getting ready to give this device a try, by traveling undetected to a rouge regime somewhere in middle east and arrest the criminal leader of that country, and bring him to justice. This prevents the burden of war and prevents unnecessary causality. It brings peace and prosperity back to people of the land
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