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by brom21
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A war stricken land experiences a fleeting day of peace.
In the land of Nethal where light and dark warred

There lived the Order of the Righteous Sword

They fight for freedom against the Darkened Power

A grievous force that seeked to devour

With choler and sorcery they vexed the land

It seemed Nethals doom was hand

Then the Order found a magical stone

That would make the Powers weakness known

One day the Power was subdued

Driven off and hotly pursued

The Power was dealt a heavy blow

And on that day rest quickly flowed

It was a peaceful time that began in the Summer

Nethal rejoiced to see this wonder

For those few hours no one brandished the sword

Ruin ceased and no man mourned

The day went on with child like glee

For a time Nethal was prosperous an free.

The bright sun shone with precious freedom

Children played in the streets in Nethals kingdom

It was a summer day they hoped would last

The people prayed it would never pass

But then the Darkened Power somehow rose

And the next day it returned to make sadness and woe

The horror of battle revived with a vengeance

And the rejoicing of that day brought to silence

Nethal will never forget that Summer day

That short time without anguish or fray

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