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Dreams of Faith

                                          April 13, 1915
                                          Time Magazine

                        2 rows of seeds are planted in a greenhouse.
                        One row is prayed over the other is cursed.
                        The one row of seedlings that is prayed over
                        flourishes. The other that is cursed withers.

      Is there a supernatural? Well, to answer this you must have an
      understanding of faith. Let us begin with a simple story from
      childhood. It is not concerned with the science of botany, but rather the
      importance of faith.

                      Stephanie was a good girl. She did what she was told.
      One hot summers day Stephanie was playing with a doll. She had found
      it in her mothers steamer trunk. She thought it was cute.

                      "I wish I could have more friends. I just don't fit in."
      Stephanie said to the doll. A cool breeze passed through the garage.
      Stephanie shivered. Behind her was a beautiful woman. She was radiant
      with golden hair. "Hello, Stephanie." the lady said. The girl fell back on
      the steamer trunk. "Do not be afraid. I will grant your wish." the lady continued.
      Stephanie felt her limbs stretching. She had grown into a woman.
      "Now take your mothers old mini skirt and lace bra and black knee high boots."
      the lady commanded. Stephanie complied.

                        In a flash of camera bulbs Stephanie was on a stage
      singing in a rock band. "I can't believe all these people are here to see me."
      she said to a cheering audience. She sang and danced and the audience
      cheered louder. Stephanie finished her performance and walked into her
      dressing room. There was her mother's doll on top of the steamer trunk.
      Tears filled her eyes, "I want to go home."
      "You can go home or travel the world for your fans."
      the lady smiled at Stephanie and placed her hand on the right cheek of
      teared soaked face. In an instance the little girl was back in the garage.
      She giggled and kissed her doll, "I never want to be popular!"

                    Impossible? What is the material world, but a dynamic
      cauldron of impossibilities. Can multiple dimensions exist and do
      creatures cross over them? Perhaps, these Angels can change the future.
      We can never know for certain without faith.

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