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komodo was just a regular pup looking for a home. Then he finds the perfect prey.
Deadly Breed

chapter one

He stood there with extreme hunger in his eyes, fangs dripping blood and ready to attack. Letting out a chilling growl, he lunged for my throat. I swung my blade at him, slashing him across the face. He dropped there just looking at me as if I were playing a friendly game. He tried to catch me off guard, but no fuking way am I going to be beat by a dog. So I attack like a wild animal, taking bite after bite, but I kept cutting. I knew it was either me or him. Someone had to put his madness to an end, and it was going to be me.

Komodo was just a stray when I found him. He was so thin and tired looking. I took him home gave him a bath, then fed him leftovers. I never seen anything eat so fast! He needed so much attention and care, who am I to refuse. I had to figure out, how to introduce him to the misses. I hope she likes you puppy. We might have to persuade her. What do you think boy? He stared at me with those sad dog eyes and placed his paw on my hand. Yeah, I think the puppydog eyes will work too! Except you better handle this one I laughed. I put Komodo in the garage with food and water, and went inside to make dinner.

I sure hope Nessa is going to be okay with this. I dont think she will be upset, just upset that I didnt discuss getting a dog with her first. Especially if she finds out he's a stray. I might have to keep that part a secret. All he needs a good cleaning and a trim. She'll fall for him. Poor puppy, Im glad I found him and not some sick wacked out fool. I wonder who he belongs to? They couldn't have wanted him too much, they left him to fend for himself on the streets. Why would they? Oh well Nessa is home now. I got to convince her,he's our pup now.

Vanessa walked thru the door and almost didn't recognize her own home. "Wow! Whats giong on here? Am I dreaming? It's clean, and it smells like you've cooked. Are you trying to butter me up baby?" "Come on honey, that's ridiculous. I just want you to relax today. I got a little surprise for you later, but first, dinner is served."

"Are you enjoying your meal baby?" "Yes I am. The steak and stuffed potatoes are delicious. The salad tastes good too!" "I couldn't agree more, I did out do myself with this one." "What's for desert?" "Just my famous strawberry parfaits and chocolate lava cakes! But first, my surprise. Close your eyes and no peaking. I'll be right back.

"Are you ready honey?" "Yes!" "Okay, hold out your hand." Komodo places his paw in her hand, and she opens her eyes. "Oh my, who's this?" "His name is Komodo, he's our new puppy, if you let him. Please!!" Then Komodo gave her his other paw, and shot her with the puppy dog eyes. So I followed suit. "Aww, how can I refuse. He's so adorable, you too honey. First we have to make sure he's healthy. Then we can get him a tag and collar so he doesn't get lost." I knew she would love you puppy. Now lets go for a walk boy.

I walked Komodo down Gannett St. to avoid heavy traffic on the main streets. As we walk Komodo spots a squirle and takes off. The squirle never knew what hit him. It was horrible the way he burst open in pups mouth! I was shocked, but then again, it was natural for dogs to attack smaller animals. Its natures design. I calmed Komodo down, dug a small hole and buried the squirle. Komodo had this strange glare in his eyes, as if he was infactuated by the blood. He had a craving for it, and it wasnt going to be easy.
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