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Questions I've sent to the Pope.

        I think that most people define themselves by their faith.
        Many people in the U.S.A. are Christian.
        I am not.

        Let's begin with a simple question: "God's Judgement."

        a) Why would God punish all of humanity for the sin of one man?

        b) How can a perfect God create evil?

        These are ancient questions that all religions and philosophies have
        tried to answer. My response is; God is dynamic.
        You don't have to believe in the supernatural to accept this
        concept of Chaos. In order for life to evolve there must be a random
        unknown factor. Otherwise, God is static and unchanging.
        That is not creative.

        Ontologically, teleologically and phenomenally God is physical.
        Objective truth, therefore, comes from a knowledge of the physical world
        we live in, i.e., science. Axiom: nothing is moved without physical contact.
        You can see why in natural cause and effects there is a need for one
        creator, one origin. Call it God.

        It is metaphysical to assert that something can come from nothing.
        That concept is alien to every law of physics. It maybe true, but it can
        only be assumed, since it is an abstract concept.
        I have not yet received a response from the Pope.
        Maybe, I am too optimistic?

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