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This article is about the science of Teleportation.
Quantum Teleportation

  The science of moving an object, animal, or human from one place to another location is called teleportation. The name has been invented by Science Fiction writers and frequently being used by movie and media industries. However, the teleportation is no longer in the pages of Si.Fi books, it is real. Soon anyone can walk to a telephone booth around the corner in any street and be transported to another location or even dimension.

    In 1993 six top scientists from around the world including Charles H. Bennett working for IBM got to gather to do an experimental work on teleportation. Watson a researcher describes the event. “An object or person is scanned in such a way to gather all information from it. Then the information shall be sent to the receiving station. There by using the data the replica shall be constructed. The teleportation machine works just like a fax machine does only in three dimensional.” (Watson. IBM.Com) this is quiet marvelous, soon, the travelers shall spend more time in their vacations by being teleported to the desired destination immediately. Booking in advance shall be the thing of the past.

    However, there is a problem with “uncertainty principle of quantum mechanism.” According to this theory the more precise the object is scanned the more “distributed” it shall become, until it reaches the state of completely being “distributed.” This is where scientists know that there is not enough data to make the exact copy.

    The researchers came up with the EPR solution (Einstein, Podolsk, and Rosen). Watson writes,” You take an object and call it A which you would like to scan information. The place you send information shall be called B. The place that the replica shall be sending for treatment shall be called C. C is never in direct contact with an A. After transferring the information to B and its treatment in C, the A is not in the state of existing any longer; the process concluded that teleportation can be done, but there is no sign of ‘replication’. This was then but not through the use of ‘Quantum Teleportation.’ The part of an object which is too delicate to be scanned out and delivered by conventional methods can be delivered.” (Watson, IBM.Com)

        In fact, this brings us face to face with numerous unforeseen disasters.  In 1943 the United States Navy under the supervision of Dr. Albert Einstein tried her first teleportation on the board of infamous U.S.S battleship Eldridge, using EPR effect Eldridge successfully teleported from Philadelphia Nava yard to Norfolk Navy Yard in Virginia and back to Philadelphia Navy yard in a short time. Unfortunately, the affect of experiment was horrifying of the crew.

    When the battleship Eldridge re-appeared some crew members were on fire, some went insane, some had heart attack, and some became part of the ship. A full report of this experiment went to the members of congress. The senators were so shocked and horrifies that they ordered the immediate suspension of teleportation Project “Philadelphia Experiment.”

    The science of teleportation did not stop there, as a matter a fact since it has both military as well as commercial application it went underground with new names such as “The Montauk Project” and” Phoenix Project” headed by the noted scientist Dr. Neuman. Who knows may be one day soon the travelers say please beam me to Bermuda for the week-end.

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