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by M.D.S
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I review Modern Warfare 3
This game is what i consider the worse thing to plague humanity: Modern Warfare 3.

Now, to be fair, I am not the target market for MW3. In that I dislike how boring the single player is. I remember when this game came out, and my friend was talking about it. So I asked him how the single player was. He couldn't tell me. His words were "I played it, but I don't remember what happened." He, of course, told me how awesome the multiplayer was and I responded with "I don't care" Cut to a few months later (last Friday 6/15/12) my brother told me he now has a ps3 and then informed me the only game he has for it was mw3. After I calmed down I went to go buy it on Saturday.

Now I didn't buy this game to 'give it a chance, in the interest of finding out if my hatred is uncalled for" I bought this game for 1 reason. To play with my brother (also my hatred is called for, so hah!) After he got a job I haven't really been able to talk to him, which sucks because he is my best friend. So after I found out he and I share a system that can play online of coarse i jump on the opportunity to play with him. So I played with my brother and had a good time.

However all good thing must end and it ended roughly five minutes later, when I played the single player. It's boring. It's not bad. It plays fine, the controls work, but it is just boring. I'd talk about the story but I stopped paying attention to it after I found out the main enemy is the Russians (so all I yelled while playing was "WOLVERINES!"). So all in all the game is boring yet the multiplayer is fun. I regret paying fifty dollars for it. Now Red Dead Redemption on the other hand, has an awesome single player plus a fun multiplayer. Also XBL had a father's day deal going on so i got it for fourteen dollar (sixteen after tax)

Thank you for reading this article and I hope you enjoyed this.
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