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Yes. I do get responses to my doodles.

        Hot Topics that I get feed back on are; religion and Ellen Degeneres .
        I like Ellen Degeneres. I like her show.
        I like Lesbians. My point in my critique of POP culture and Ellen
        was simply to get the definition of pervert correct.
        If you are to discuss the topic, you must first accept the definition
        of alternative lifestyles.
        Websters Vol III, defines Lesbianism as a perversion of a natural sex act.
        Let me be clear, I do not condemn lesbian sex. On the contrary, I have
        a large collection of erotic lesbian art.
        I think its wonderful.

        However, if you are to assert that lesbianism is normal, then you have
        to rewrite most of the definitions of homosexuality.
        That was my point. Honestly, I don't know why people get so upset
        over my minute contribution to the internet.
        Ellen Degneres has more impact on this topic. She is the poster girl
        for girl on girl.
        And I would love to see more girl on girl!

        Moving on to religion, i.e., Christians, this gets a raspberry from elderly
        folks and really nuts teens for Jesus.
        What would Jesus do? He'd probably say "Follow me or go to Hell!"
        The funny thing is I read the Bible a lot. My dad insisted his kids read the
        Bible and go to church. :) See how that worked out?
        Generally, not everyone who reads the Bible or goes to church is an idiot.
        They're probably republican.
        Religion and politics goes hand and hand. If you believe God is on your side,
        then why wouldn't you want to run the government?
        Isn't that what's happening in Egypt?
        This is a quandre; if the Bible is God's word why are there so many different
        transcriptions? Wouldn't God make certain his word was printed correctly?
        Every Christian has their own opinion on Christianity. What babble!
        Doctrinal contradiction; All have fallen in Adam. We are all born with
                                          Adam's sin.

        Deuteronomy 24:16, The Children should not be punished for their father's

        If we are not born with Adam's sin, what did Jesus die for?
        The sinning continues.
        Let me make this clear; I like Jesus. He was a very good and brave teacher.
        But, I wont ignore contradictions.
        So, I get a lot of negative feed back for being disrespectful.
        Am I really that offensive? Get a copy of George Carlin's
        EXPLICIT LYRICS. Now that's offensive and funny.
        What so wrong with putting a little humor in religion?

        Well, it's 2am. I think I'll take a nap and dream about lesbian Angles.

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