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by Soul
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Our Earth is a material place as well as a place to attain utmost spirituality. Materialism is something which we see all over the place and we are all trapped in its attraction. Materialism is ubiquitous; whereas spirituality is concealed. Everyone is ensnared in the vicious circle of materialism and no one is conscious of spirituality or we should say no one is fascinated by spirituality. Spirituality is to know about the real you, it’s about finding the reason for the existence, and it’s about connecting to the supreme soul, the architect of the universe and to feel that we are a part of him, indeed. Attaining spirituality in this material world is equivalent to finding a drop of water in a hot desert. Everyone is busy in their lives, occupied doing something which is non-productive, busy doing something which will result in nothing.

The ultimate aim of human being is to attain inner peace, contentment and satisfaction with life but what everyone is doing nowadays results in nothing. People follow daily errands, cook, eat, breathe, but they hardly ever sit and cogitate why they are doing all this. They comprehend when it’s too late or sometimes they never realize. People run behind money, run for wealth, and fall in love, hold on relationships, are stuck in past, wasting the present, planning for future. If someone is poor, he wants to be rich, if someone is rich, he wants to be richer. Everyone wants to be well-off in materialistic belongings whether it be money or worldly knowledge; spirituality is something which is never well thought-out. After you have attained materialistic possessions, you still feel discontented and deficient, why? The real knowledge is still a mystery for you. It is not like people need to read books, go to spiritual learning centres to attain spirituality; it is indeed something which cannot be taught but experienced and learned by own. Materialistic knowledge is outside body but spirituality is within the body.

The real satire lies here: Materialism is a way to spirituality. It is affirmative. Actually materialistic encounter results in true spiritual knowledge when pondered upon. When someone runs for materialistic joys, money, relationships, attraction, beauty and they are unable to attain it, the chagrin of failure makes him realize, was it really needed, because you are still living without it, it’s in you, you feel happy if you want to, you feel disappointed if you want to. Materialistic attractions are baits, if you avoid them, you achieve something more precious, the power to live happily even when your wishes are unfulfilled and your wants are avoided.

Being spiritual doesn’t means you live like a hermit and ignore the world. It is to be the real you and never forgetting that you are a spiritual soul living in a material body. You should live as you live, but should never plunge for attractions, and never fall for baits, people leave, money goes, in spite of everything you should feel contented because you never actually came for all those things in this world, they just distracted your mind. Employ materialism to attain spirituality and you will be the richest person in this world.
To conclude, let’s focus on the idea derived from this article, spirituality is something which makes you free from materialistic emotions and inculcates in you what is actually needed: Peace and Contentment.

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