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Megan and Jennifer's party on third class gets them in trouble.
Miles looked down at his shoes and they were covered in vomit.

"Megan, that isn't very lady like! You have been drinking!"

"Yes, I have. You and Bradley were too busy to be with Jenifer and I, so we decided to go have some fun. That brandy is so nasty!" Megan took a deep breath and threw up again.

"Go get a rag! If I ever catch you around by wife to be again, I will throw your ass in the drink! Do you understand?" Miles was directing this question to Quentin.

"Sir, Miss Megan drank to much and I was taking her back to her room. I wasn't going to do anything. I am so sorry. I will get that rag. Make that two." Quentin bowed. He almost fell in the vomit and Jennifer was laughing so hard.

"Sailing, sailing over the Monty May!" Jennifer could hardly stand up.

Bradley hung onto Jennifer. He glared at Tommy. "What business do you have with my future wife?"

"Sir, she drank so much that she hardly stand up. I was helping her to her room. I had no bad thoughts. We were just dancing and she fell over a table and......."

"FELL OFF A TABLE! Dancing? Drinking? According to Megan, you women thought we weren't paying any attention to you. So, you women go to third class and act like low life! Is this how you behave in your time?" Bradley was angry.

"You did ignore us. You and Miles. Women aren't important in your time period. Where Megan and I come from, it's corn bread and chicken!" Jennifer was dancing and singing this country western song.

Megan laughed so hard. Quentin came back and handed some rags to Miles. He started to clean Miles shoes.

"I can do this myself. The next time you come near Megan, I will challenge you to a duel!" Miles' eyes were blazing.

Bradley looked at Tommy. "That goes for me as well. I will thank you boys to leave and let we handle this situation."

"I am sorry, Sir. Quentin and I will be leaving. We meant no harm." Tommy and Quentin walked away.

Jennifer waved at Tommy.

"You two act like rich assholes. Like Cal, the rich Jack Ass on the movie Titanic. He thought he was better then everyone who didn't have money. I thought you and Bradley were two fine, caring genteleman!" Megan was upset.

"Megan, I like you and I will pretend you didn't say that. We are sorry you women think we were neglecting you. We had business meetings and we were busy. It hurts us that you behaved like this. I will take Jennifer to her room and you and Miles can talk in mine and Miles room. You women need to sober up." Bradley put his arm around Jennifer and told Miles he would see him in the morning.

"Is this the part where we make love?" purred Jennifer.

"No, it isn't. I am taking you to my room to sleep it off. You are in no condition for anything." Bradley was stern.

Bradley left with Jennifer.

"Megan, I don't like what you said about me and Bradley. We care about others. You get drunk, throw up on my shoes and that pirate Quentin is all over you like a cheap suit. I am taking you to mine and Bradley's room. You need to sleep it off."

"Does that mean we won't be getting married? You are mad and think I am some kind of whore." Megan was thinking she shouldn't have said Bradley and Miles were the name she called them.

Miles put his arm around Megan. "I love you dearly and I don't think you are a whore but it hurts that you behaved like this. Promise me you will never do this again. You will need to apologize to Bradley in the morning. I still want to marry you. Don't make a habit of being a lush."

"I am sorry. I love you, to. I will never act like this again. I will tell Bradley I am sorry tomorrow. What do we do now? I love that you would come to my defense by shooting someone for me. This is like a soap opera." Megan giggled.

Miles put his arm around Megan. "You are going to mine and Bradley's room to sleep."

Miles took Megan to his room and put her in bed. Megan undressed herself. Miles kissed Megan's cheek and got into the other bed.

Bradley took Jennifer to her room that she shared with Megan. He helped Jennifer change into a sleeping gown. Jennifer was kissing all over Bradley.

"Go to sleep. You need to sleep it off."

"You hate me. When we get to France, are you going to put Megan and I on a ship back to England or back to America?"

" Of course not. I don't hate you. I love you. I want to marry you. You can't get drunk like this and dance with other men. Dancing on tables? I am mad. I forgive you but I can't let you behave like that. I know things are different here in my time. Miles and I have accepted you and Megan for who you are. I let you smoke, drink but only with me in private. How do you expect me to feel? Megan called me and Miles rich ass holes. Look. We will talk in the morning." Bradley pulled the covers over Jennifer and she fell asleep.

Miles slept some and Megan slept real well. Bradley didn't sleep much but Jennifer slept. There were calm waters and all was quiet on the peaceful sea.

The next morning, Megan woke up with a hang over. She had a headache and was nauseated.

"Good Morning, Beautiful."

"I don't feel so well. Oh no! I was partying in third class with Jennifer and you and Bradley were mad at us. Quentin was just trying to help. Tommy was trying to help Jennifer. I am so sorry I threw up on your shoes. I shouldn't have called you and Bradley that name."

"No, you shouldn't have but you were drunk. I trust that it won't happen again."

"It won't. I am so sorry. Do you forgive me?"

"Yes, you know I do. I take it you don't want any breakfast."

"No. Can I stay in bed?"

"Yes, I am going to breakfast. I will be back in a little while. I love you." Miles kissed Megan and left.

Bradley had been up all night. He smoked and watched Jennifer sleeping. Jennifer woke up. She looked at Bradley.

"Hello, Handsome. Are you still mad?"

"I am not happy. I promise you won't be neglected because of business meetings. In France, you will be with my family and me. You won't have time to be bored. You need to control your temper and don't get drunk and hang out with guys. I was jealous of Tommy. I don't want to own you but I love you and I want you to be a proper wife and I want us to be happy. Tell me you understand and we can be a happy, loving couple."

"I love you. I promise Megan and I will never behave like this again. Make love to me?"

Bradley couldn't resist. He and Jennifer missed breakfast but Bradley didn't care. He needed to be with her, too. The thought of Tommy wanting to do this, he would have shot him. Making love with Jennifer made him remember why he loved her so much.

Miles noticed Bradley wasn't at breakfast. He ate a small breakfast and he saw Quentin mopping the deck. GOOD PLACE FOR HIM. Quentin looked at Miles and turned away.

Miles got back to Megan. She was sitting up. She smiled. "How was breakfast?"

"Good. Bradley wasn't there. Do you feel better?"

"Not really. I think I need some fresh air."

"When Bradley comes back, you can go back to your room and change."

"I would like that. I do love you."

"I love you, too but Quentin is in love with you. That bothers me."

"I know. He knows I love you. Why don't we get married in France?"

"We can't. My mother wants to be there. You have Vicki and Bill and mother would have a cow if we got married and she wasn't there. We can wait."

"About making love?"

"We can do that after we are married all the time."

"I miss you. Tonight is our last night on the ship."

"I know. Alright. I will have Bradley stay with Jennifer tonight and I will stay with you."

"I can't wait until tonight." Miles hugged Megan.

Just then there was a knock on the door. It was Bradley.

"Good Morning." Miles shook Bradley's hand.

"Hi Bradley. I am sorry about last night. I didn't mean to call you a name."

"It is alright. Miles and I are going to spend all day with you and Jennifer."

Megan smiled. Bradley told Miles and Megan that he would see them om deck. Megan put her dress on and she walked back to her room.

Jennifer was all dressed and Megan looked at her. "I take it you and Bradley made up. You two made love."

"Yes, we did. How about you and Miles?"

"No. Miles wants me to stay with me tonight in his and Bradley's room and Bradley will stay with you here. Miles still wants to marry me. I am never going to get drunk again or hurt Miles."

"I promise not to get drunk, either or hurt Bradley. It is time to behave like a proper wife. I have to practice."

"Me, too. I can't believe you were dancing on tables and fell off."

"Me, either.I guess we should be glad they had business meetings and if they were with two chicks well, we would have tossed those floozies over board!"

"Floozies. I haven't heard that word in years." Megan laughed.

"You called our men rich ass holes."

"I know. I apologized to Bradley. I am really sorry."

"It is funny. Today, we behave like ladies and everyday or at least every other day of the week."

"Yeah, right."

Megan put on a purple and lavender dress with a high waist and it barely covered her large bosom. She put a purple flower bow in her hair and Jennifer put on a blue low cut dress. She was such in a good mood.

Megan and Jennifer came out on deck. Miles and Bradley were going to stay with their future wives tonight. They knew that Megan and Jennifer weren't like other women but they were going to trust them not to get drunk anymore or hang out with other men.

Bradley took Jennifer's arm and Miles took Megan's arm as they walked around the deck. They noticed a fancy ship in the horizon. Bradley's arm tightened around Jennifer's.

"Bradley, what's wrong?" Jennifer thought that he was still mad at her.

"That fancy ship belongs to Kyle Drakelin. The man is ruthless. He has his own ship and he is a crooked business man and a gambler. He would sail his own ship to go to France. He is a drunk, a rogue and has four illegitimate children. Rumor has it he murdered his wife. How he escapes jail, I will never know."

Truth be told, Kyle Drakelin was on a mission. Kyle was enjoying a drink with Zalita and he was in love with the gypsy woman. She was the only woman he had ever loved . Zalita knew that the moon stone was broken. Blue lightning flashed across the sky every night. Zalita was sure Megan and Jennifer didn't know the moon stone was broken. She feared for their safety so she enlisted her lover's help to take her to France. Her granddaughter also lived there. She hadn't seen her in eight years. Kristie they had named her. She was Manolito's daughter with a gypsy Princess Julianka and Julianka left Manolito years ago. He loved Kristie but not her mother. Zalita bought Manolito, Calin and her husband who was still a wolf on this voyage. Zalita was worried and wanted to keep an eye on Megan and Jennifer.

Bradley hated Drakelin. If he knew that Calin was on that ship, Bradley wouldn't be pleased. He had been upset with Jennifer's behavior and seeing Drakelin's ship, Bradley got a chill like someone had just walked over his grave. Bradley's time in France was going to be interesting.

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