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Eric's work day is interrupted by Lin, and later begins to confront a mysterious neko man
Wish 2: A Mystery That Reveals More Mysteries!

         Once Eric arrived at the large corporate building he rolled his eyes at the pristine statue of his small fry of a boss. The man was barely three feet tall yet he had the ego the size of a member of the National Guard. The factory itself was as chrome plated as any other house-bot manufacturing plant; thousands of assembly lines and millions of workers came to the twenty five story complex to earn their daily wage. Eric himself often compared his boss to a certain character of a pair of old cartoons; and everyone knew it. He wouldn’t let it bother him too much however; because he had other problems to worry about, like what to do about that crazy Lin girl his grandfather sent to him.

         “Whatever I wish….what the heck did she even mean by that anyway? Whatever~ I’ll figure it out on my own time; now I got some more serious work to do!” Eric thought aloud as he clocked in at the entrance to the main floor.

         Although it wasn’t glamorous, Eric’s job was an important one; a blue leather vest and a blue pair of jeans, top that off with a night stick and about three dozen video monitors and that was his job in a nutshell. He wasn’t just a security monitor guy, he was the one that kept all the assembly lines working, as seriously as he took his job; the other employees didn’t respect him one bit. Probably because he’d only been working there for a month counting today, ironically though he didn’t give two shits about getting respect from people who didn’t care much about him. He got himself a nice and cushy office job with little to no interruptions except during the later shifts of the evening; when the occasional bonehead would try to steal equipment from the factory. Everything was going pretty quietly today, so he kicked back in his office chair after getting a soda from the mini-refrigerator in the back of his office. He tuned in the radio into a classics station and yawned boredly, half tempted to just dose off on the clock as he usually did. At least he would have done that, had it not been for a knocking on the door of his office; it was that time of the month again.

         “Like freaking clockwork—it’s unlocked ya know, you don’t gotta knock!” Eric muttered sarcastically as he saw a familiar figure standing outside the door with the security camera.

         The young woman that entered the room; bearing the stereotypical secretary outfit along with the average pair of spectacles and high heeled leather boots, was none other than the second in command supervisor of Hiroko Inc. Her sleek black locks complimented the brown outfit, but her figure was rather lacking for Eric’s standards, plus his boss had the woman pretty much on a dog leash. As always the woman had quite a few files with her, files that Eric would no doubtingly have to sort through and organize later.

         “I don’t care if you come from a rich family Smith, that smartass mouth of yours won’t get you brownie points here. As you know it’s time for the annual uniform suggestion drop and you are the only remaining employee who hasn’t contributed! Hmm…and who is that exotically dressed young lady napping in the corner of the room, on a cat bed…” The woman’s stern tone was quickly changed to a confounded one when she saw that there was a guest in the room.

         “I haven’t contributed because I don’t give a crap about the uniform; it’s not like I’ll end up wearing it miss Stacy, and what do you mean—what the hell Lin!” Eric’s sarcasm quickly turned to shock when he turned around in his chair, nearly falling out of it in surprise at what he spotted.

         Sure enough, the erotic cat girl from earlier this morning had somehow made her way into his office without him or the company noticing; moreover she did so while still wearing her morning pajamas and she had made herself a cozy human sized cat bed to sleep in. Needless to say, Lin was definitely the absolute strangest girl in the world; although he couldn’t decide if that was a good thing, a bad thing, or the most intriguing thing about her yet. Of course at the sound of Eric’s shouting her name, she woke from her nap and pretty much bolted to Eric’s side in order to hug him in the, well comforting way that she did.

         “Master~ Lin did what master said but Lin got lonely waiting patiently at home so she figured she would wait here at work with master~” Lin chimed with a loud and happy purr, repeatedly shoving Eric’s face in-between her breasts in excitement.


Now, Eric would generally be sexually aroused by such actions, especially from a busty as hell cat-girl; the problem was that his supervisor was watching every moment of it. While he expected another one of her typical tirades about business conduct, Stacy instead decided to bust out laughing; shamelessly doubling over and almost taking a tumble to the ground. Apparently the scene was almost as humorous to Stacy as it was embarrassing to him; then again, that was always the case when Stacy caught him off guard.

“Bahaha, good lord Eric; I don’t know what you drug that girl with to make her like you but she really seems to like hugging you that way! Anyway, it’s important for all employees to participate in company events; and it’s also mandatory. By the way—what’s all that she said about you being her master?” Stacy snickered and cocked a brow as she asked her question, literally confused about the situation for once.

Only Stacy’s sarcasm could top Eric’s own unique brand of it; but the woman did have a point in her question about Lin. In truth, he had no idea what the neko meant, both by calling him master and the promise to do whatever he wished her to. The only part of Stacy’s comment that really ticked him off was the bit about actually having to drug a girl to get them to like him. In some cases this was true, but he could be smooth if he wanted to, he just didn’t give a crap about lame pickup lines! Eric was about to explain, but he was caught off-guard by Lin jumping in and explaining for him.

“Eric san is Lin’s master because Lin is a genie, it is Lin’s job to do whatever Eric san wishes for her to do~ Um, hey…you’re a girl like Lin too right; where’s your tail and ears like the ones Lin has?” Lin chimed with a purr as she tilted her head at the girl that had asked her a strange question.

“I have no idea where the hell you’re from Lin, but around here girls and boys don’t have cat parts like you do; and what exactly is a wish? I mean it’s the first I’ve ever heard of that word, let alone the word genie.” Stacy responded with slight interest now that the girl named Lin had explained herself, apparently in the third person.

Eric facepalmed at Lin, and inwardly cursed Stacy for being so nosey about things even he didn’t understand at the moment. His eyes drifted from Lin’s face down to her rather healthy cleavage; they had to be fake, cause there was no way on earth that a normal girl could be that well blessed. Unless of course he was somehow a character in some crazy anime, or the hero of a manga that didn’t make any sense whatsoever; but that was clearly impossible. Then again, it was also impossible for a girl as intriguing as Lin to actually like him for him.

“Haha, Lin finds it funny you humans don’t know what a wish is, but seeing as its Lin’s job to grant wishes for Eric san Lin will explain. A wish is well, it’s something you long for but you know will either never happen or it’s very hard to make happen. Lin may not be as strong or as old as other genies, but Lin knows lots about granting material wishes~” Lin explained with a smirk as she stood up and started to do some morning stretches, even though it was currently around noon in human time.

“So, if I say “I wish” then…whatever I say afterward is what you make happen right, are there any sort of limits?” Eric asked curiously while returning his attention to the monitors that he had to watch pretty much for the greater half of his day.

“No limits at all, Eric san has as many wishes that he desires because Lin is only a genie in training; but Lin isn’t allowed to bring back the dead or make love happen, those are really big no-no’s where Lin is from.” Lin responded with a purr loud enough for Eric and Stacy to hear, she still found it odd that these humans didn’t know a thing about magic, let alone wishes.

Now this made Eric think of all the things he could do; and all the things he wouldn’t do, and it made him curious of all the things he shouldn’t do! This girl had an amazing power, and she was giving him pretty much complete control; he was officially set for life, things were definitely going to be more interesting from here on out. Although he was having trouble coming up with a good idea for a first wish; it wasn’t that hard to come up with a silly idea of a first wish.

“Alright Lin, then as your master I wish that—hmm, the woman’s uniform for this company was the Japanese school girl uniform!” Eric stated rather mischievously as he rubbed his hands together with an evil grin on his face.

“Oh! Eric san means the outfits like in that comic book that Lin read while staying at Eric’s grandpa’s house right? Lin can do that, and as master wishes so; so it shall be~” Lin chimed happily as she thought of it.

When Lin waved her hand before snapping her fingers, a blindingly bright flash emanated from her and covered probably the entire factory, Eric and Stacy had to cover their eyes for around ten, maybe fifteen seconds before they could see straight again. Much to Eric’s surprise, Stacy was now wearing a white tank top with blue folds around the neck, a blue skirt that was almost too short for comfort, a pair of white socks up to her knees; and a pair of black leather shoes without any high-heels. The shirt itself was curb-hugging even though Stacy was lacking in that department, more so than most of the women Eric knew. The short-sleeved top shirt had a neat bow tied at the bottom of the V-neck, and the companies’ logo printed on the pocket on the left chest. Though Eric had no idea why Lin was wearing the outfit as well, he was relieved to see her in something besides those too damn cute pajamas of hers.

“Leave it to a manga dork to come up with an outfit idea like this, although; it is a bit more comfortable than the lame secretary outfit mister Jonathan had me wearing. I guess you did a good job Lin; however the hell you actually did it! Here’s an interesting question, how the heck do you manage to stand upright?” Stacy snorted rather sarcastically as she rolled her eyes, knowing she was stuck in the stupid outfit for the rest of her life; at least while she was clocked in.

“Ummm…Lin doesn’t understand what you’re talking about, aren’t all girls in this realm sort of flat like you?” Lin asked curiously watching the woman fold her arms impatiently as she waited for Lin’s answer.

“Excuse me?? I am sure as hell not flat, I happen to be an A cup miss sarcastic cat freak! This outfit just doesn’t show my body type’s curves very well—that’s all!” Stacy snapped with a blush on her face and a huff in her tone, obviously implying that Lin had accidentally struck a nerve.

Eric couldn’t help but laugh at the exchange between his genie and Stacy; it was almost too cute to pass up another great idea for a wish. Then again, he wondered if it was a very reasonable one, his first wish was a test to see if she could do crazy stuff. This genie business was getting more fun by the minute, and he couldn’t wait to see what else she could do. A quiet but evil chuckle escaped Eric’s lips as he leaned over to whisper something to Lin, just to see if the neko was ditzy enough to do it.

“Hey Lin, she won’t admit it but I think Stacy is a bit jealous of girls that actually have ya know, curves? So here’s an idea, I wish she was like, an E+, make em nice and bouncy like an anime too; oh and make her seven feet tall~ Also, it’d be awesome if you could make her my girlfriend too~” Eric whispered quietly with a snicker into Lin’s soft and fuzzy ears.

“Oh so master wishes for Stacy chan to be a busty giant and his girlfriend whatever that is? Lin can do that easy; so master wishes, so it shall be~” Lin chimed purring as she twitched her tail a moment before snapping her finger.

“Eric—what the heck did you just whisper to—ugh…I feel…kinda…dizzy…” Stacy uttered as she leaned against the wall of the room and started to give off a soft glow.

Eric stood up and backed away slowly, watching Stacy start to change; first of all her limbs and her body grew, to seven and a half feet; then she filled out the schoolgirl uniform quite a bit more, she also seemed like her skin was kind of smooth. His co-worker had been transformed into a 3D anime chick, apparently to the status that he requested, her face was kind of flushed too but she seemed fine.

“Uh—Stacy, are you still…ya know; feeling like you usually do?” Eric cocked a brow as he spoke; he figured he’d have to speak to her cautiously for a bit, not wanting to tick such a tall and voluptuous lady off.
“Of course I’m fine! I just…n—need to get used to this new body…however the heck it happened. You didn’t do anything did you?” Stacy couldn’t help but stand up and almost bump her head on the ceiling.

“Well, master just wished that you looked like he thought you wished you could look like; and then Lin granted the wish~” Lin answered with a smile on her face, the girl didn’t seem too happy just yet, but she didn’t seem mad either.

Eric just facepalmed, Lin wasn’t supposed to explain the whole change to her; but whatever, what’s done was done. It’s not like he couldn’t wish her back to normal at her request anyway, at least he was hoping that was the case. He wondered if Lin simply changed Stacy’s appearance, or if she simply altered reality so it seemed like she was always this way.

“I see, well unless that wiseass got a hold of my diary; I guess I should thank him! But unfortunately I still have a lot of work to do, so I’ll have to stay busy until I get my senses back. Although, having this huge body will be fun, since the boss has height issues! Eric, next time you get one of your bright ideas, run them by me first…” Stacy groaned annoyed as she rolled her eyes at Eric, her feelings for him hadn’t changed one bit; so there was no reason to be angry with the idiot.

Once the new and sort of improved Stacy had left, Eric spent a few hours explaining a few things about living in the human world to Lin while keeping an eye on the monitors as well; there wasn’t much else for him to do today anyway, such was his annoyingly dull fate. When he asked her more about this contest she mentioned earlier this morning Lin simply refused to tell him anything about it.  He could simply wish that Lin knew everything she needed to know about earth, but apparently she was only allowed to change things about other people. By the time he was done answering all of Lin’s remaining questions from earlier this morning it was already time for him to clock out, just a few more minutes left.

“Darn birthmark—I wonder why it’s acting up again all of a sudden…” Eric uttered under his breath as he headed to clock out and started on his way home.

Having the bouncy neko around was starting to get annoying, especially when she stopped to gawk at the stores for about ten minutes at a time with the interest of a ten year old. Lin seemed awfully curious about a lot of things, almost like she was still very much a child, although that was one of the things that made her too damn cute.  Eric looked at his watch and moaned when he saw that she had plastered her face to the glass window of a pet store, meowing and cooing over how adorable the cats were. Eric normally hated most animals, they were always too noisy and annoying, but he’d put up with a cat if Lin decided she wanted one.

“Lin can we go now, you’ve been playing with the kittens for a good half hour; I’d kinda like to get back to my apartment before ya know, midnight?” Eric grunted in a half annoyed tone as he crossed his arms over his chest and started to tap his foot.

“Lin will stay and play with the kittens for only a little bit more, master can go on if he wants to. Lin can find her own way to master’s house when she’s done~” Lin chimed waving him away in a somewhat annoyed tone of her own.

“Well you found my house before no problem; fine, just don’t annoy the store owner okay?” Eric responded with a half smirk as he started to head out, the girl could probably handle herself anyway.

To be completely honest, Eric wasn’t sure if he liked Lin or if she annoyed the hell out of him; there were things that just didn’t seem right, but were so cute he had to ignore it. There weren’t many things that made sense about his last couple of days, and when he was almost to his apartment; probably about halfway from the pet store he spotted someone who seemed to have the intention of blocking his path. The man was probably middle-aged, decently built, and he was wearing a butler’s outfit that was so well-kept it looked pretty much brand new. What certainly did not fit was the overly ornate scabbard made from leather and gold plating, and it housed the hilt of a French rapier. There was another thing about this guy that set off Eric’s suspicions, no, not the square spectacles that covered half of some seething blue eyes; it was the fact that this man had a nice pair of cat ears at the top of his head. More than that, just being near the fellow seemed to make Eric’s birth mark act up again, this man was not normal.

“Greetings fellow guardian, I know not what realm you hail from; but I refuse to let you take one step further away from your post!” The stranger stated firmly as he stood at attention and thrust his left hand out with the palm facing Eric’s face.

“Uh—come again dog? I’ve got no clue what you’re talking about, if you’re looking for that crazy cat lady she’s eyeballing some kittens about ten minutes that way bud. Now if you’ll excuse me, my apartment is about a ten minute walk behind you and I got a bed calling my name.” Eric answered with a roll of his eyes as he pointed a thumb behind him, signifying the direction to go.

“Good sir; have you no respect for the symbol you bear on your collarbone? I shall ask you peacefully once more, do not step any further away from her majesty; the royal genie Lin!” The man uttered, his almost French maybe Russian accent steaming through his bitter tone.

“Wait, who the what now; uh, look—I don’t know who you are or what your beef is but I’m pretty damn tired at the moment, so take your crazies somewhere else and I’ll see you later.” Eric moaned annoyed as he started to take a few steps toward the man, what was this crazy cos-player going to do, ticket him?

This man made absolutely no sense at all, first he speaks like some freak from Shakespeare in the park, then he rambles on about his birth mark or something, and he finishes off by referring to Lin like she was some form of royalty. Either this man was taking his job way too seriously or he was an escapee from the nuthouse! And to make things even more unusual, the man walked backwards as Eric walked forward, like he had eyes in the back of his head.

“Very well then, if you insist on neglecting your duties; then I shall be forced to enact my own, even if it means going into fisticuffs with one of my fellow guardians…” The man uttered in a slightly frustrated tone as he straightened his glasses for a moment.

“You think you can take me in hand to hand; ha, now that’s a laugh, you’re talking to a grade A…well…green belt! Okay, so I ain’t no black belt, but I’ve got a stronger build than you and a slightly longer reach~” Eric wasn’t really trying to pick a fight, but he’d fight back if he absolutely had to challenge this nutcase.

When the strange man started to circle him, Eric decided to trace the weirdo’s steps; there was no way he was going to be caught off guard by some neko freak. Especially not one who was nearly as tall as he was and apparently had a thing for putting on white gloves before a fight. Kind of an odd quirk, but it was better than maybe having a lame catchphrase before the battle started.

“So mister cat guy, quick question before we start; why are we circling eachother for no reason?” Eric asked as he cocked a brow as he spoke, almost kind of curious about the man’s answer.

“Fool! We are preparing for battle in this manor to build tension for the next chapter~” The man answered with a laugh as he finished putting his gloves on.

“Oh…is that all, well we can’t keep the readers waiting forever now can we!” Eric quipped sarcastically as he cracked his knuckles and entered his fighting stance, roughly similar to a mixed martial artist.
         Eric wasn’t sure what the guy meant by building tension for a chapter, but he figured he’d play along with the narrator’s ploy. After all, a story wasn’t very interesting unless it had a decent amount of conflict; and the best compliment to conflict was to provide something for people to get anxious in seeing. Something that the apparent swordsman was probably gifted at.
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