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What man can control his dreams?

      "I really wasn't insane. I thought genocide was necessary for
      national security." Hitler said to me in a dream.
      "Now you're in Heaven? How is that possible?" I asked.
      "I have returned to the ethos of consciousness. The dead do not
      judge. They are only memories." Adolf said.
      "One time I went to the cemetery and played poker with some friends."
      I said feeling silly.

                    "You must remember." a voice whispered.
                    "What?" I replied.
                    "Those who were murdered." the voice replied.

      A chill came over me.

                  I saw Jacob wrestling with an Angel.
                  It was at the WWF wrestling ring.
                  Everyone was cheering for the Angel.

      I woke with an image of Snoopy, flying his dog house in a dog fight
      with the Red Barron.

      I got a drink of ice tea.
      I was sweaty. .
      Am I awake?

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