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by maddy
Rated: NPL · Poetry · Friendship · #1877829
To the best of friends
Loneliness crept in and poisoned my soul,
it burned with a flame of amber and gold,
which made my heart turn black and cold.
Where feelings and emotions were empty,
and the days went by in a standstill.

It came without a warning,
out of nowhere, you threw me a lifeline.
I grabbed and took hold of it,
not knowing where it took me or where I am going.

Before the drowning waters could surround me,
I was hauled off onto the boat of friendship.
salvation has led me to you,
and with a warm embrace it (sheltered, protected, enveloped) me.

You helped me pick up the pieces from where I've left them,
putting it together with the strength of your love.

I have found myself a kindred spirit in you,
something which I had not meant to seek but needed.
You filled the gap in my heart, which was about to become a permanent fixture,
by being like a sister to me which I never thought could be.

My days were filled with laughter and beautiful moments,
the memories embedded in me forever,
but mostly because of your understanding and mindfulness,
not once have you failed to claw through the debris of my depression,
and made the world sense to me again.

and as I journeyed on through the sea of life,
you brought me new horizons and silver linings to look forward to,
but with every beginning to a story,
looms the finality of an ending.

However, our story is still being written,
and since writing itself is a process,
we will be tested by the trials of time and the unknown,
so the only thing we can do is wait and be patient.

You will always be on my mind,
as all the best of friends should be.

Before I address you with parting words;
never be afraid to call for me when you're in need,
believe in your dreams just like I did,
don't let your tears fall for the undeserving,
and always remember that I am the luckiest person to have met you.
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