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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Psychology · #1877966
Women were trouble...

              "I keep having the same dream.
              I'm dragging my whole family by my balls."
              Alex fumbled with his tie clip.

              "Are you worried about money?"
              Doctor Beavers queried.

              "Yes, of course. But, I just can't remember
              having any fun or joy. All I do is work and
              come home and sleep.
              I wish I could be free... just for one day."
              Alex stroked his tie slowly.

              "Let's talk to the Wigi board."
              Doctor Bobbi Beavers was an unconventional psychiatrist.
              She knew about Alex's fascination with the occult.
              And used it as a method to reach his subconscious..

              Alex began to sway in his swivel seat as they
              placed their finger tips on the cursor.
              "Tell us spirit what can Alex do to be happy?"
              Doctor Beavers asked.

              The Wigi board spelled out ~


              "Alex have you been seeing another woman?"
              Dr. Beavers gave a friendly smile.

              "I-I had to do something.
              They were suffocating me.
              They'd follow me everywhere in the house.
              So, I started going to bars after work and strip clubs.
              I met a stripper, Larissa...
              She's only seventeen, but we really connected
              by the dumpster...
              It was more than sex... It was FREEDOM!"
              Alex broke down in tears and wiped his face with his tie.

              "Does your wife suspect?"
              The Doctor pressed on.

                Alex nodded yes coughing as he wept.
                "I think Nicki wants a divorce. B-but she's worried about
                the kids. I just want some space to fucking do what I want!"
                Alex wiped his face with a fist full of napkins.

              Doctor Beavers had bought some take out.
              She walked behind Alex in her pink spandex leotard
              and thrust her vibrating dildo up his butt.
              His red and white checkered pants lay around his ankles.
              "Fuck me! I'm dirty!" he grunted.

              "Alex, we are all dirty.
              That's part of being human."
              Doctor Beaver kissed him softly on the back of his head.
              "Oh, God .. I have to get back to DENY'S." Alex sobbed
              and pulled up his checkered pants.
              "6:30 tomorrow?" the doctor asked as she made a note on
              her i-Pod. Alex nodded yes, sniffling with a crooked smile.
              "Then it's a date." she gave a toothy smiled as she swiped his
              credit card through her i-Pod.

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