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Say what? Jesus was black or he had a great tan.
          Jesus was Hebrew. That is not white.
          For the record, according to social anthropology,
          nobody is white.
          Think about all the interracial dessemination through history.
          Wars and slavery and increased migration of people have broken down
          tribal blood lines.
          All that is needed for the United States Census to affirm your minority
          status is one non-white relative.
          That can be a Native American or Jew or African American
          or Asian American or Mexican American or Hispanic American
          in your family history.
          That's how the West was won.

          I just don't understand how anyone could believe their entire bloodline
          is white. Albinos are a genetic defect.
          What White Supremacists want is a fantasy.
          I think its a fear of the future, where there are no tribes or wars.
          They refuse to accept a global market place.

          Just my two cents.

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