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This moment in time, how well spent is it really? A question I ask myself...
A single tick of the clock,
the last click of the door lock.
A reflex blink of the eye,
a single breath, just a sigh.

A silent stroke of the pen,
that period at line ten.
The strike of hammer on nail,
last drop bleeding from limb pale.

Falling sand grain in hourglass,
each moment spent till I pass,
counted with care every time,
till truth shouts at trumpet's chime.

Line count: 12

Late at night, one day as I was thinking deep about my life, the whole room, infact the whole world seemed so silent that I could hear my wall clock ticking, that made me think how time is fleeting one moment at a time and how well spent is my life. How much time do I waste and how much do I invest or spend usefully. I really didn't have an answer and it made me decide to be careful in spending this valuable commodity - Time.
The poem gives visuals and sounds of some moments in time, they describe how time is spent, just one moment at a time.

Poetic devices:
A Quatrain poem using a, a, b, b rhyme scheme.This poem has seven syllables in each line.
Alliteration - Present. Example- last/lock, single/sigh,silent/stroke, last/limb,etc...
Assonance- Present . Example- A single tick of the clock,
the last click of the door lock.
Consonance: Present. Example moment/spent, tick/clock, click/lock

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