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Tribute to the horse.
Of all the creatures, Earth abiding,
in nature’s fecund theme,
used for their strength as well as riding,
the horse prevails supreme.
For years they were the means to convey
by wagon, cart and stage;
and they still retain allure, today,
in this, the modern age.

With their equidae* anatomy,
they have the build for speed;
essential to war and cavalry--
history will concede.
Used by the legions oft invading,
(though war be so insane),
in pride so often seen parading,
resplendent eyes and mane.

From Arabian to paint of old,
the lure of horse remains;
around the world, adventures untold,
from mountains to the plains.
Genus, Equus, O how that sings,
you odd-toed ungulate!
And as we ride, we fly without wings,
in gallop, strong and straight.

[SR: 9-6-9-6] (Lines: 24)

*equidae \ˈek-wə-ˌdē\ : a family of perissodactyl ungulate mammals including the horses,
asses, zebras, and various extinct related mammals.

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