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Well, everyday's a party in my head!

                          >CONVERSATION WITH AN 18 YEAR OLD<

      "I know I am a soldier of God.
      A friend of mind said I was and
      he's always reading the Bible in
      jail." a young man declared to me.

      "You see it doesn't matter if your right or wrong.
      All that matters is that you accept Jesus as your
      Lord and Savior." the young man continued.

      "Then, you will be in Heaven. And you can do
      anything you want there." the young man had a big
      toothy smile.

      This reminded me of the Hindu tale of a thief,
      who went to Heaven.
      He could have anything he wanted, but he was unhappy.
      because he was a thief and he liked to steal.

                          >CONVERSATION WITH DENNIS<
            "Okay. If there is a secret society running things;
            why don't they just get rid of all the governments."
            Dennis remarked.

            "I mean they could call it a New World Order.
            Why waist time with elections? Just nuke anyone
            who gets in your way." Dennis continued.

            "I am a Catholic, but I think the Vatican is corrupt and
            laundering Mafia money for the C.I.A. So, what?
            I go to church every Sunday and make a $20 donation."
            Dennis had big smile as he sipped his coffee.

                          >THEOLOGICAL DEBATE<

            "I know God loves me.
            But, the Divine Father of the Trinity is a jealous God.
            That's why God wants us dead, because of Adam
            disrespecting Him and trying to take His power."
            An African American man said.

            "God knows everything right?
            Then, She should have known Her son.
            God knows everything will work out for the best."
            I answered.

            "God's a man. The Bible says so.
            That's all have to say."
            the African American man walked away.

    >Job Talk<

            "I really like my job.
            Fuck me and pay me."
            Nicki said with a blank stare.

            "I want to live in America.
            I just need a work visa and
            enough money to buy a wife."
            Maurice stated.

            "I've worked here 27 years
            and I just want to go to
            Florida and disappear."
            Loretta confessed.

            "When my mom got me
            this job I started crying.
            I thought I was such a loser.
            Now, I know I can make money
            from sex and drugs."
            Christine laughed and gulped a super size Coke.

                            "This has been a slice of my life.
                            And it will turn to shit."
                            Chris remarked and hit me over the head
                            with a piece of card board.

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