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Reflection on life's twists and turns......
Oh, God, why have you singled me out
to implement your will?
When others are better suited,
And have much more skill.

A Holy Man, I've never been,
Seldom occupied a pew
Now you want me to minister
How, I haven't a clue.

There are others more suited,
better educated for the task.
I'm just a poor musician
For more I seldom ask.

I was always happy
just to play my songs
I never had any desire
To right another's wrongs.

But I guess the talent you gave me
wasn't really a gift, per se.
Now You say, "Obey Me,
and show others the Way".

And so I play your music
in jails, and on the street,
to drunks, and hopeless people
and anyone else I meet.

And if by chance some little tune
touches someones heart
Perhaps it will give them a little hope
and maybe a brand new start.

My own life has been
pretty rough, at best.
I've done my share of wrongs,
just like all the rest.

God, you turned my life around
and made me a better man.
I thank you for letting me
be part of Your Great Plan

Even though I am unworthy,
my life you have blessed
But I can't help but ponder
when I feel depressed,

When my time is over,
and my heart no longer beats,
Will there be anyone to morn
for the Minstrel of the Streets?

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