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This short story is a thriller!
They were found dead in a sound proof room that nobody knew was even there, except for…me. I knew they were there, because I was the one who put them there in the first place. They were in “love,” but I was his wife and she…she was just a whore that he picked up at a bar.

      He was going to try and kill me, but I knew what was going on. I knew by the way he was acting towards me, and I knew why he went to the bar so often. He had found someone “better” than me. That doesn’t matter because I have something very special in store for him and his little girlfriend.

      So I made a plan, I’d call my best friend Rage, and have him help get both Aaron and Lucy in the sound proof room. Rage is one of the body guard’s t the bar that Lucy worked at. One night I’d go to the bar with Aaron, have a couple of drinks, then act like I don’t know anything and buy drinks for Aaron and Lucy until they are wasted. After they are they are totally wasted I’d have Rage help me carry them to the car and into the sound proof room.

      My plan had finally fallen into play on December 31, 1991. We were all celebrating the New Year at the bar. My plan had worked perfectly; Aaron and I went to the bar where both Rage and Lucy worked. I had a few drinks and was sitting at the bar talking with Lucy. The very first thing she said to me was that I was a lucky woman to have a man like that. I told her thanks and looked away, then looked back at her and she was staring Aaron down.

      I called Aaron over to Lucy and I. I told him that I thin that he and Lucy should go have a dance together. They both looked at me funny and at that point I really believed that they liked each other, as I watched them walk away, over to the dance floor, I thought to myself maybe I should just get a divorce from him. Then I thought no I’d rather watch them wither away to nothing.

      They kept drinking, and drinking. They finally ended up passing out. By that time the bar was closed, so Rage and I carried them to the car, put them into the back and drove to my house. As Rage unloaded the two of them, I went and unlocked the sound proof room. The room was behind this really tall book case, but you’d never know that it was there. Rage carried them down into the sound proof room, chained them to the wall, and left them there.

      A few days had past and I finally decided to go down in the sound proof room and give them a little bit of food. When I opened the door, they both started screaming, calling for help. I started to laugh, then threw them some food, and told them to enjoy because it was the last meal they would ever eat.

      “So you’re admitting that you killed Aaron Warner and Lucy Love?” Asked Agent Manson.

      “Yes, and to the other three husbands that I’ve killed over the years, right along with their girlfriends as well. Would you like to hear about them too… because I would be most pleased to tell you about the other six people?” Lily Ann answered.

      “You’ve killed six other people?” agent Manson asked in shock.

      “Yes, I have. I have no remorse what so ever for any of them either. They all deserved to die slowly and in pain. That’s what I gave them a slow painful death.” Lily Ann answered.

      Agent Manson was in so bad of shock that she was speechless at first. Then she asked Lily Ann how she married four different men, where she had lived before she was with Aaron, what the six other peoples names were, and why she did it.

      “Well you should already know how I married four different men. Well I lived in my own apartment in Nashville, Tennessee; but you should already know that too. My first husband is the one who made me the way I am today. His name was Patrick Green and he was the love of my life when I first met him. Then he turned out to be something else. A few months into our marriage he started abusing me and keeping me away from my friends and family. Then I find out that he was cheating on me too. I couldn’t deal with the abuse and being cheated on all at the same time, so I killed him and his whore girlfriend. The other three is about the same.” Lily Ann answered with a smile on her face.

      “The way you married far different men was you changing your identity?! So is Lily Ann even your real name?” agent Manson proclaimed.

      “Yes, your right I have changed my identity three different times. Lily Ann is my real name.” Lily Ann answered.

      “Okay Lily Ann I’m going to have to know what happened to the six people now, and where they are at.” Agent Manson told Lily Ann, bracing herself for what she just told Lily Ann to tell her.

      “Are you sure that you want to hear this?” Lily Ann asked agent Manson curious of what she might say.

      “I’d really rather not hear this, but I have no choice…I have to know where these people are at and what you did to them.” Agent Manson answered smoothly.

      “Okay then do you want it in full details or do you want me to just briefly go over each person?” Lily Ann asked being a smart ass.

      “Just tell me how you killed them and where there at okay.” Agent Manson answered getting irritated.

      “Like I told you earlier Patrick Green was the first one that I ever killed. Well him and his little girlfriend Sadie Lynn Heart. I met Patrick at a party when I was twenty-two. We went out for a couple months, then I moved in with him, and then a few years later he asked me to marry him. Our marriage was wonderful for the first couple of years. Then after he abused me and I found out that he was cheating on me, I wanted a divorce. He wouldn’t get divorced from me; he told me if I went to the police about him abusing me that he would kill me. So I did the only other thing I could do. I drugged him and then his little girlfriend walked in so I did the same to her. They’re buried in the ground, by my old house, together.” Lily Ann explained her first husbands’ death with a smile on her face the whole entire time.

      “Alright Lily Ann, what about your second husband?” Agent Manson asked.

    “Well my second husband’s name was Albert Warner. I was twenty-eight when I met him; we went out a couple times. He thought it was true love and he wanted to marry me in Vegas, I told him no at first, then I thought about it and decided that since all of his friends said he was a good guy I’d give him a chance. I finally told him that I would marry him as long as he was true to his word. He told me that he loved me and he would never hurt me. Of course I believe him. So we got married in Vegas. No my name was not Lily Ann it was Cassidy Michelle.

      A few years went by… okay not a few; it was like five or six years. Anyways he started making excuses to stay out late or his business wanted him to go to a different state. Things like that made me start thinking that he was cheating on me, but not with just one person. He wanted to have a baby, but I couldn’t have children. So I think that may be the reason he might have cheated on me with multiple women. Then one night I decided I was going to follow, so I did. He went to a hotel, waited for a minute, then a tall blonde chick came walking somewhere out of the dark. They went into room number six.” Agent Manson stopped Lily Ann and asked her “was that back in 2006, did you kill them at the hotel?”

      “Yes it was back in 2006 and I did kill them in that hotel. And yes I know you were the one who was working that case, and you couldn’t find the killer. I guess I cover my tracks very well, until now. I want to know how you found the two love birds in the sound proof room. That is if you can tell me.” Lily Ann asked with a displeased look on her face.

      “You did cover your tracks well, you just forgot about the fact that you had neighbors who stayed up very late. They called 911 after they noticed who you were caring into the house. Now I want to know if you’re going to tell me who helped you carry your husband, Aaron, and his girlfriend, Lucy Love. Because we both know you couldn’t carry your husband down those stairs. So who was the other person?” agent Manson answered Lily’s question with a huge smile on her face, then shot a question of her own back at Lily Ann.

      “Well great, now I know that my neighbors liked to watch me. Besides that fact, I can’t tell you who my long time friend is; he only did it because I asked him too.” Lily Ann answered.

      “That’s okay, we’ll figure out who it is. Thanks for telling me that it’s a male. On that note would you like to finish or would you like to go back to your cell?” Agent Manson asked with a smirk on her face.

      “No, I’ll finish telling you what happened. Unless you want me to just go on to my third husband, since you already know about how Albert and the tall blonde chick died…” Lily Ann asked smiling intensively.

      “Yes I already know what happened to your second husband and his girlfriend…”

      “It wasn’t his girlfriend; it was some whore off the streets…” Lily Ann interrupted Agent Manson with a bad temper.

      “Okay a whore from off the streets then. Just go on to your third husband, so we can get to other business.” Agent Manson said.

      “Fine. My third husband swore up and down, before we got married, that he was going to treat me right and basically give me the world. So we got married, after we had been together for awhile and Scott wanted children. That we hadn’t discussed before we got married, but when it had finally came up I told him that I couldn’t have children. Then he started acting different, he’d stay out at late hours and come home smelling like sex and another female.

      Then one night while Scott was in the shower his phone rang, so I answered it and there was another woman on the other end. I asked her who she was, and she wouldn’t say. So I told her that I didn’t care what was going on between my husband and her, so just to give me her name. She said Marcel and that she was sorry and hung up. Scott was still in the shower, so I got undressed and put my robe on and went into the bathroom, open the shower door, untied my robe and asked Scott if he had room in the shower for me. He told me that he was almost done and that he had to go to work late. I tied my robe back up and asked him if he could spare a few minutes after he got out of the shower, so we could talk.

      When Scott got out of the shower, I told him that he ha a phone call from a woman named Marcel. He got upset and started yelling out me. I looked at him and told him to stop fucking yelling at me and just leave. Then I said that it wasn’t my fault that I couldn’t have children, and then he left.

      The night was September 10th, and Scott didn’t know that I had put a GPS on his car. So I got dressed, got in my car and followed Scott to Marcel’s apartment. I waited till I couldn’t see him anymore, then I went into the apartment building and went to Marcel’s apartment door, turned the door knob, and walked in.

      There they were on the bed fucking. I had gotten so pissed off that I just lost it. I went over to the bed started yelling at Scott telling him that he was an ass hole, and that he was the third husband that had fucked around on me. Then I asked him if that sex was good. He told me that yes it was. So, then I told him good that it was his and his girlfriends last because they were going to die that night. Of course Marcel started crying and screaming and Scott got up out of the bed naked. Scott said to me how about we make this a three some. I told him no, because I didn’t know if Marcel had any kind of nasty disease. Scott told me that before he had ever done anything with her she was a virgin. So just for the hell of it, I told him yes that we could have a three some. Would you like me to give details?” Lily Ann asked.

      “No, I can figure it out. Just continue after that.” Agent Manson said.

      “Okay then, your missing out. After we all had sex together, I waited till they passed out then I found some duck tape, taped them to the bed and gagged them. Then I slowly and painfully cut little parts of their bodies. While listening to them scream or at least trying to scream, I was yelling at Scott saying ‘how could you do this to me, we took vows, till death do us part, well guess what your going to die and I’ll be free of what is left of my third husband and his girlfriend.’ Scott had a confused look on his face of course, because he didn’t know that I was married twice before.

      Then he remembered that I had said something about that. But he started screaming at me, telling me that he was sorry for cheating on me, and that we could just adopt a child. I told him that I didn’t even want a kid. His little girlfriend had bled to death by then. So I jumped in the shower and called my partner in crime and asked him to come to Marcel’s apartment and help me take care of their bodies. So he came to the apartment, helped me bury the bodies in the graveyard down the street. I put a big rock by where I buried them if you want to go and find their bodies.” Lily Ann said as agent Manson wrote down where Lily said the bodies were.

      “Okay now what about your fourth husband, what did you do to him and his girlfriend?” Agent Manson asked.

      “Well see I don’t know if I should tell you what happened to him and his little girlfriend, because I won’t get a deal. See I think that I found the one that won’t cheat on me, the one who doesn’t want any children like me, and I would like to be able to be with him.” said Lily Ann.

      “What kind of deal? Killing eight people is not going to get any deal. Now I might be able to see what I can do, but I am not promising you anything.” Agent Manson said.

      “Well then, first find out what you might be able to do for me, and then I’ll tell you about my fourth husband and his girlfriend.” Lily Ann said.

      “No, tell me what happened to your fourth husband and his girlfriend, and then I’ll see what I can do for you. How does that sound.” Agent Manson said.

      “That doesn’t sound like the plan that I want…I want you to go and see what you can do for me or I am not talking to you anymore. Then you will never know who my fourth husband is…my bad was. So if you want to know anything you better suck up to your judge friend and tell him to let me go off to jail only for a few years or it may get a little ugly in here, because this hand cuffs are not holding me back from coming over this table and choking you to death. What do you think about that?” said Lily Ann.

      “You do know that you are being recorded on tape and video. What ever you say can be played back in court.” Agent Manson told Lily Ann surprised at what she had just said to her.

      “Yes I know that. And to tell you the truth I don’t care if I’m threaten a cop or not I want a deal or I am not telling you a god damn thing. Got it! So why don’t you be a good little cop and go do what I told you too.” said Lily Ann.

      Agent Manson wrote in her notebook that she thinks that the prisoner suffers from Bipolar or some kind of mental problem. “Why don’t I let you cool off for a minute or two, so you can get your head on straight. And I won’t think anything of what you just said to me, and while your cooling off I’ll go talk to someone for you to see what I can do for you…okay.” said Agent Manson.

      Lily Ann started to weep. She didn’t know why she was weeping but she did. I guess it was just a way for her to try and get out of the situation that she was in. Then Agent Manson said “What’s wrong Lily? Are you okay?’

      “No, I’m not. I just realized what I have done. I should have just divorced my first husband and none of this would have happened. I’m so messed up Miss Manson. I remember everything, but in my mind it’s as if it wasn’t really me doing those horrible things to all of those people. You know both of my parents had some really messed problems. I guess I did what I did because I grew up with it in my whole entire life. What am I saying you probably don’t believe a damn thing that I am saying…Right? Well if you don’t believe me go, looked it up in your records. It should be under Lee Rogers and Anna Rogers. They were killers from the 70’s; they made me watch them kill all these people and then they finally killed each other. Leaving me an orphan…I never had therapy or anything like that. They figured that I would forget but I never forgot. I can still hear those people scream and my parents laughing as they killed them in cold blood. Before my parents stabbed themselves to death they tied me to a chair so I could watch them. I’ve tried taking medicine to get rid of all the nightmares, but they stay with me day in and day out. So what are you waiting for go, go and see that I’m not lying. I’m pretty sure that in that file should be something saying that the last remaining family member of the Rogers is a girl by the name of Lily Ann.” said Lily Ann.

      Agent Manson told Lily Ann that she’d be right back. She left for a second then came back and said “Here’s that file. You weren’t lying at all. I knew you weren’t because I looked up your parents file before I even came in here to see if they were still alive and if they would come in and talk some since into you, to get you to talk to me. Here read over their file and have a smoke and I’ll see what I can do for you, but I’m still going to need you to tell me about your last husband. I’ll bring you a cup of coffee too, so you can walk up a little.”

      As Agent Manson left the room Lily Ann thanked her for believing what she had said. Agent Manson left the room; Lily Ann lit up a cigarette, and read over her parents’ case. As she read on more she started to remember more and more. Lily Ann hadn’t really told the whole truth to Agent Manson. She bent the truth just a little bit. In all truth Lily was the one who had killed all of the people and her parents were the ones who went down as the people who she had killed. But Lily was the one who played the mind games perfectly with her parents. She told her parents to tie her up, then to stab themselves and if they didn’t Lily was going to cut the ties that had her bound to the chair and kill them herself. Then make it as they had attacked her, because everyone would believe a nine year old anyway.

      Agent Manson came back into the room gave Lily Ann her coffee and said “Okay I talked to the judge and he said that you have to be put in an insane asylum until you’re healthy and well enough to live on your own again, but you have to tell me who your last husband was, where him and his girlfriend are buried.”

      “My last husbands name was Peter Warner and his girlfriends name was Julie Price. That story is about the same as the rest…except for the fact that they’re not buried anywhere I burned them alive in a house way back in the woods where nobody could hear them screaming. It was somewhere in Alabama…I don’t remember exactly where but it should’ve been in the news. There should have been a little bit of remains, so you can identify them. I’m sorry but all of this talking is making me tired Miss Manson.” Lily Ann told Agent Manson as she started to pass out.

      Agent Manson called one of the police officers in and asked him to take Lily Ann to her cell. The police officer did as he was asked. While Lily Ann was sleeping Agent Manson asked all the available police officers to go check out all of the places where Lily had said all of her dead husbands and girlfriends were. Lily didn’t lie about where any of them were.

      It soon had become a long night for Agent Manson and all of the police officers that were helping her. Agent Manson was astonished at what she had seen. She went to every crime scene; the most brutal one was where Lily Ann’s third husband and girlfriend were murdered. There was blood everywhere…little pieces of skin were cut off their bodies and thrown across the room. Agent Manson didn’t know what to think much less what to say. She called the judge, told the judge what she had seen at all of the crime scenes, and then told him that she thinks that Lily needs to go to a mental intuition. The judge told Agent Manson to have a doctor talk to Lily Ann and to do a lie detector test on her to see if she was lying. He said if she’s not lying then put her into an intuition and hopefully she gets better. Agent Manson asked “what if she does get better what am I suppose to do, let her go?”

      The judge said “then you let her go, just keep a good eye on her.” 

      Agent Manson wrapped up what she was doing at the crime scene, then decided to let Lily Ann sit in her cell and wonder what was going on. So Agent Manson went home and went to bed. Well she tried to go to sleep, but when she did sleep she had nightmares about what she had seen. She just couldn’t sleep. Agent Manson got up went into the bathroom, got into the medicine cabinet, got the sleeping pills and took some. She then went and lied down and eventually went to sleep. The next morning she got up, took a shower, got dressed, and went to the police station. When she got there, she got some coffee, and then decided to talk to Lily Ann again, but first she called a doctor to come and talk to her. When the doctor got there, Agent Manson went and got Lily Ann from her cell. The doctor and Lily Ann talked for hours. They talked about her childhood, about her life, and about the people she had killed. Finally when the doctor came out of the room he told Agent Manson that he believed what she was saying, but you can never be to sure. He recommended that Agent Manson give Lily Ann a lie detector test before having her admitted anywhere. Agent Manson told the doctor thanks.

      Agent Manson went and got the lie detector test, took it into where Lily Ann was sitting, and said “Lily this is a lie detector test…okay. Before we admit you to any mental institute we have make sure that you are telling the truth about your childhood and any other questions that I may have for you.”

    “So you don’t believe me, I thought you wouldn’t. Of course not why would you believe someone who has killed eight people. But since I know that it’s protocol, whatever you have to do.” Lily Ann said.

      Agent Manson then started the test; she asked all of the questions that she could think of. The funny thing is though she actually passed the test. Agent Manson left the room, while she was out of the room Lily started to smile because she knew that she had passed the test just because of the look on Agent Manson face. When Agent Manson left the room she was amazed that Lily Ann had passed the test. She went to her desk, sat down (still in shock), picked up the phone and called the doctor. The doctor answered the phone, and Agent Manson told him that it was her. The doctor asked her what was wrong; she told him nothing and that she had just giving Lily Ann the lie detector test and that she had passed every single question. Agent Manson told the doctor that none of the marks jumped at all. The doctor told her that Lily Ann must be admitted to a physic ward then. Agent Manson told him that she doesn’t think that Lily Ann will get any better. After she told the doctor that he told her just to do it anyways and just see how she does.

      Agent Manson went into Lily Ann cell and said “the doctor told me to put you into a mental hospital and you have to go to therapy and see how you do there. So if you do well there and get better there then the judge might let you go and just be on house arrest for a little bit. Then eventually we would just have to check up on you just to see how you are doing. I would probably be the one who checks up on you. How does that sound…good?”

      “Yeah I guess if that’s what the doctor thinks I should do then yes. I have a question though…How long will I be in the hospital?” Lily Ann asked

      “Well that all depends on how well you get and how fast. The doctor might be able to give you a better answer than I could, but I do hope that you do get better because I think you’re amazing women. What all of your husbands did to you is not right at all, and I appreciate you tell me the truth. I think when you get threw this tough time that you will feel a lot better.” Agent Manson told Lily Ann with affection in her voice.

      In the back of Lily’s mind she was thinking ‘You are so fucking stupid. I didn’t tell you the truth at all. When I get done with all of this I’m going to leave the country with Rage and live happily ever after…hopefully.’ Agent Manson doesn’t know about Lily’s little twist in her game that she played out very well. Lily paid the women to seduce all of her husbands, when Lily killed all her husbands and the girls she paid to seduce her husbands. She killed them and then took back the money that she had given to them.

      So Agent Manson took Lily Ann to the mental hospital, Lily got all settled into her room. Then when Agent Manson was getting ready to leave Lily asked her if she was aloud to use the phone at all. Agent Manson told her that she didn’t know if she was aloud to use a phone or not. Then she told her that she could use her cell phone, Lily Ann told her no that she just wanted to know if you were aloud to use the phone. Then Agent Manson said “Alright then I guess you’re all settled in then right?”

      “Yeah I’m all settled in. I just wanted to thank you for believing everything that I told you.” Lily Ann said

      “You’re welcome Lily. I hope that you get better and get your life back on track.”Agent Manson said.

    After Agent Manson left, Lily sat down and thought to herself. She thought maybe…just maybe if she wouldn’t of killed her first husband then at least she wouldn’t be in this hospital with mental people. But she has that thought in her head that she should’ve covered her tracks more or maybe she should’ve killed her neighbors too. She stopped think when a nurse walked in and gave her medicine and watched as she took the medicine and told her to open her mouth to make sure she had swallowed them down. Then the nurse left the room and she started getting sleepy so she laid down and went to sleep.

      Rage was never caught, but he would always go and visit Lily Ann up at the physic ward just to make she was okay. Then one day he went up there and she was sitting in a chair next to the window, staring outside. Rage went up to her and looked at her, shook his head and left the room. Lily Ann was a vegetable they turned her into a vegetable. He was so pissed. That he went to the police officers house that and talked her and told her that it was him that helped her. He told her that if she didn’t shot him that he was going to do it himself. She looked at him and told him that she wasn’t going to shot him, so he left her place went and broke into the hospital and went to Lily Ann’s room. Looked at her and told her how much he loved her and shot himself threw the roof of his mouth. There was blood and brains everywhere. Lily Ann Looked over at him grabbed the gun, picked it up and shot herself too, but before she did she got the words out I love you too.
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