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Prologue to my pair of novels under the umbrella name Jealousy of the sun.
It's hot. I can't breathe. Why isn't anyone helping me? What's this? A light? It's so bright I can barely see. “Did you come to help me, light?”, I think to myself as I try to catch my breath. My body is trembling, but I feel so hot, like I’m on fire. The light begins to fade slowly, getting fainter and fainter. Did it only come to tease me? “Please don't leave me little light,” I try to say out loud, but my lips won't move. I can't move at all as the light leaves me. My body is getting hotter. It’s burning! I want to cry out, but I feel stiff. I can't move at all. I feel myself getting lightheaded as the last of the light begins to fade into nothingness. Before I do I see a face. I wonder... “Are they here to help me?”
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