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weird but fasinating wonders...
When you sit and have your free time what do you think of? For even in our own minds the world has given us many things to think of. How do we even think and imagine when the pictures and words like faded images apear in our thouhgtful minds? Why are we even here? And why do we learn so we can work so we can live for us to learn to work and work? Then we reach out of our own minds, and begin to wonder bigger things. What is at the end of the universe? Or does it just go on forever? Why are some people better at drwang? What is the one thing or more that makes then so good? Is the reson good writers are good just one little change in their childhood? If when you were a little kid your mother bought you that shirt instead of this one would it change your whole life? Maybe but now you might relize the more you think of some things the more confusing they become...
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