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by Zheila
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It shows that the desire to fly was born out of myths and legends.
The Legend of Flight
Centuries ago cavemen looked up at the sky with amazement when the birds spread their wings majestically, and flew over mountains, valleys, and rivers. The strong desire to be free from gravity made the dermas to reach for the stars in their imaginations. The legend below shows how the myth of flying came to reality.
The first mythical story came from Greece. Eons ago king Cornith with the help of his mythical winged horse Pegasus went to battle with Medusa, the multi headed mythical creature. Moreover, NASA kid page wrote,” Daedules who was imprisoned by king Mions, with the help of his son, Icarus made wings of wax and feather. Daedules flew successfully from Crate to Naples, but Icarus tried to fly too high and flew too near the Sun, the wings of wax melted and Icarus fell to his death in the ocean.” (NASA kids page.com)
The second legend takes the reader to Iran (Old Persian). The story has it that a Persian king enslaved several Eagles by attaching their wings to his throne. The captured Eagles would fly the royal sit with his majesty on board. The king would tour his kingdom. Meanwhile, around 400 B.C. The Chinese invented Kite. The invention of this simple device opened the road for more important invention such as balloons and Gliders. The legend of flight is full of triumphs and tragedy. Many brave adventurers tried to defy gravity. But the designer did not know a thing about aerodynamics of flight. Some inventors attached wings to their arms and jumped off the Cliffs or Canyons. But, instead of soaring high above the clouds, the foolish inventors meet their God.
Later on, two French brothers by the names of Joseph and Michel Montgotifere came up with the idea of air balloon. They made a big bag out of silk and filled it out with the hot air into silk bag and then attached the bag on a basket. The smoke from the fire helped the air to go into the silk bag and allow the balloon to rise. The Montgotifere had the honor of having a Duck, Rooster, and a Sheep as their first guests. The animals enjoyed the flight of one mile over 6,000 feet high altitude. Around 19 century, two American brothers by the names of Orville and Wilbur Wright tested their first airplane in Kitty Hick located in North Carolina. After this successful flight Wrights opened their first school of flight. Among the students were brave American ladies whom attend the Wright’s school.
The desire to be free from earth and be able to fly freely has captured human imaginations for as long as time remembers. Now, with so many different aircrafts leaving national and international airports minute by minutes from around the world, we as a species have lost the interest of flight. Today we have bigger dream, the dream of reaching to moons and planets. Finally, one should not forget all those brave souls that lost their lives over the dream of flight. Without their imaginations and dedications, humans were still bound by gravity on earth. Soon humans will be able to leave their cradle, today we aim for stars, and tomorrow we shall conquer galaxies.
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