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by Jon
Rated: 13+ · Draft · Sci-fi · #1879593
Marvel and DC supers come together to stop a great threat.
Chapter 1

Wonder Women

Felicia Hardy was not the kind of woman to repel a man. Especially a one she was in love with. But it was in this time that she had to see and accept the truth: She couldn’t have a man in her life anymore. It wasn’t safe for either of them. She let the man she loved leave that night. And he never came back.

Although the Hardy woman just stood and looked at a framed photograph on the wall of them both as he left, she done things to make him feel as if he had to go before now. In her mind she knew it was the right thing to do, although the tears made her feel otherwise. She had a responsibility to her new home; to her new country — England.

* * *

“Diana we need you back. Somewhere in England, where you are, they're planning to use the O.O.C. virus on us. The humans are all terrified and furious of what you’ve done.” It came from her head; a telepath was communicating.

Diana walked to the bars of her cell and grabbed them; she felt the cold (the metal a mixture of vibranium and adamantium. This substance, indestructible); it reminded the Amazon of her now real life. A sensation of guilt took her before she spoke:

“I killed not just a woman — but a child. Don’t you get that. It’s against our ways Emma. I can’t come back this time.” Diana paused. “I’m a serial killer now: Seven people. It’s too much to get past.” She said this all out loud as nobody else was around.

“But you have saved over a hundred times more people than you have taken. It’s not in your nature to be evil. You are Wonder Women for fucks sake. They were accidents. You lost control. It happens.”

“What if I didn’t. What if I subconsciously wanted it all to happen. Losing control and evil fits in to the same sentence. You of all people should know that. I’m the supervillain now. Oh, how the cards have turned.”

She heard a door open in the distance. Two men walked down the hallway to Diana’s cell. The voice in her head stopped.

“We have a surprise for you gal,” said one of the guards. He smirked before she fell to the floor without any warning. She saw that they opened her cell, her fighting to stay conscious on the floor. A needle plunged into her skin as her eyes were forced closed somehow, but she could still hear — just.

“That new mutant working for us works wonders on these bad leaf supers.” The other guard kicked Wonder Woman in the face.

“No shit.” They both chuckled. “Now she’ll be no more than a puppet for us to play with.”

“Those do-gooders won’t see this one coming.”

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