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Anyone who eats this bread will live forever(JN6:56-58)
        Pandora had been a fortune teller for many years in Egypt.
        She had followed the Alexandrian rite of mysticism.
        This required an animal sacrifice to the religion Ogdoad.
        Ogdoad was eight deities, who rule the world through the
        spirit of the rays of the sun and moon. These rays permeated
        the universe and can be harnessed in crystals and metals.
        It is the aura perceived by psychics.

        Octad can bestow good health and converts all things to gold
        and precious stones. In numerology octad is 8.
        Pandora fled Egypt before the rise of the Islamic Brotherhood. .
        She did not need her crystal ball to see the threat .
        She settled in New York in the county of Alexandria.
        Her powers of predictions and healing brought many followers.
        Despite the skeptics and conservative protesters, Pandora was prosperous.

        "What is it that you search for?" she asked her inner circle of followers.
        They chanted, "We covet all things pure in gold and precious stones
        and eternal life."
        "Take this bread and eat it. It is the bread of eternal life." Pandora took
        the bread and broke it and passed it to her followers.
        Each took a bite. Pandora sipped her wine she had grown from her
        "Take this wine and drink. It is the everlasting life force of Hermes."
        She spoke softly and passed the bottled wine.

        A great wave of exultation came over her followers as they rolled about
        on the floor.
        The room became radiant.
        Each one of her followers had transformed some into golden statues,
        others into simple lambs.
        Pandora took one of the lambs to the Alter of Hera and slit its throat.
        The blood poured down a channel to a golden chalice.
        She drank of the chalice.
        This was the rite of Oceanus the god of waters and nymphs of Nun.

        Pandora had lost not one decade of her years in all the centuries of
        her devotion to the Gods.
        The rite had been completed with only the loss of one lamb.
        It is true the lamb had been a man.
        But, what is the life of one man for the Gods?
        Pandora and her Temple were their last hope.
        So many had forgotten the ancient Gods for lesser prophets.
        Soon the great Heroes of Olympus would walk the Earth again
        and take wives.

        "Nothing is impossible for the Gods!" Pandora exclaimed as she
        commanded the Temple be swept clean.

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