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What if Jesus had a sister?
Chapter One

Light poured into the room from windows. My eyes followed the path of light that came to an end on a chair. A voice rang out and brought me back to my surroundings.
“Mary, can you please redirect your attention to the front of the classroom?”
Startled, I whipped my head around to face the speaker.
“Thank you”.
The speaker turned her attention back to the book she had in her hands and began reading out loud from it. Instead of focusing on the words, I studied the one saying them. A small mouth was attached to a head which appeared to have shrunken a few sizes. Small, black, beady eyes caught even the slightest movement, followed by the flare of her pig-like nose. To say you have survived her class would be a lie. No one survives Ms. Grey.
I shifted in my seat and caught sight of a note on my desk. The small whitepaper was folded neatly with great care. My fingers found the edge of the paper and unfolded it. I read the messy handwriting and instantly recognized it.
Roses are red, violets are blue. I love you, hope you love me too.

I sighed as my eyes drifted over to where he sat. They rested on a head of caramel brown hair that cascaded over a tanned face. He looked up and I locked eyes with a mix of brown and green eyes. He smiled, revealing snow white teeth.
Oblivious of Ms. Grey, he mouthed out, “I love you”. I felt a sudden rush as pink stained my cheeks and butterflies took flight. Before I could announce my love, unmistakable silence unveiled itself. Then came the sound of loafers, slowly making their way down the aisle. Suddenly, there she was. Ms. Grey turned towards Tom and I could feel her glaring.
“Mr. Barack,” She said, “do you and Mary have anything you would like to share with the class?”
At the sound of my name, my chest tightened and the air caught in my throat.
"Not at all Ms. Grey", Tom sounded confident, and I almost believed him. Then again, I had been part of it.
The small beady eyes stayed glued at Tom for another minute, before she returned to the front of the classroom.
She opened her mouth to begin reading again, but the bell rang, cutting her off.
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