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Bullies and victims
Bullies Go Home

Ghastly, hateful, mean kids!

Who wants to cast their bid?

No thoughts of your own.  If only you could see

the hurt you inflict upon others'.

Perhaps you should be the ones who suffer day to day

wondering if you are going to be humiliated, physically hurt,

or feel so gray.

I see, she sees, everyone is looking.  No help for the victims

you have destroyed as they lay silently, wishing for some miracle.

Teachers?  Where are you?  You see but don't tell. 

Parents are grieving over the child they have lost,  trying desperately to change the


Who is listening?  Open your ears and don't be afraid.

The schools' system is failing the innocent children.

Now who is a fool?

Many a parent is needed in this quest to stop bullying!Help those who suffer alone. 

Help them!  For they can not help

themselves.  These children whose life came to an end of

endless abuse need to be recognized.  We are hurting yet to tell.

If only the victims of bullying would get together at school to become helpers of those

"Bully's".  Stand strong it won't be long until the rules will change.

They hold up their little masquerade for others' to see.  Someday it will be their turn

to moan and groan.  Right now?

Bullies Go Home! 
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