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Read this! it is only a few sentences long, and I need some opinions. i added more!
They had nothing to say to each other. For it was dark, and they had to go their separate ways. The things Amber had just witnessed horrified her, and kept replaying in her mind. The only thing she could do was hope she wasn't next.

Chapter One

The boys at her new school were different. Some were especially quiet, and sat together at a lunch table in the back. Others were social, and obnoxious. Musicians seemed to be a large percentage of the boys. Not many jocks. That's probably why they haven't won a championship in so long. There were no particular attractive guys.

The girls were just the same, except weirder. Amber had no idea where she was going to fit, or who to talk to. She was always told "not to judge a book by it's cover," but it was so hard with all of the thick black eyeliner that caked every girl's face.

"Hey, Amber, right?" I looked up, in shock. Wow. she thought. There are some nice people here. She studied his face. He was definitely unique, but sweet. She liked it.

"Uh, Yeah. I just moved from Philadelphia."

"Oh. You're a city girl?" he nudged playfully.

"Yes. Well I used to be. Now I have to learn how to shoot a gun, and eat meat, and stuff." She flirtatiously laughed.

He looked around to check if anyone was listening. "Just a heads up, don't talk about guns here. Okay? It's a very sensitive topic, considering there was a school shooting here in 2010. Kids are still scarred."

"Oh." That is all she could say. She was all of a sudden, frightened. She shouldn't be though. She just moved from Philly, where there's shootings every week. Where there's more danger on the streets than anywhere else. She never suspected a small town school in Colorado would be more haunting.
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