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It's A Good Day So Far: My Breasts Have Grown

                             Beware of the monsters that dwell in the mind.

                                       Chapter One: My Breasts Have Grown

         My breasts have grown. It’s not my imagination, they are definitely bigger. Maybe now, Mum’ll let me have a proper bra. This trainer bra’s okay, it does the job, but it doesn’t make them look big. Even when I squeeze them together, I don’t have much of a cleavage yet. I want one with wires. And not white, definitely a colour, something that shows a bit through my school blouse so that Danny Peterson will stop saying that I only wear a trainer bra. Purple maybe, but I’ll probably have to go for pink or yellow.

         Mum forgot to iron my uniform again last night. I reminded her yesterday afternoon and she said she was doing the ironing after tea. I went up to my room with Sally; she’s got this really cool top from River Island. It’s great.  She’s already got 32B boobs, but Mum says that she’ll be so jealous that she hasn’t got my skin. Mum’s a bit of a dork sometimes, I mean, c’mon, would you rather have good skin, or great tits? Sally does get embarrassed about her zits though. Glad I haven’t got any.

         This morning, I squirted my shirt with water and put it in the dryer for five minutes with my sweatshirt and it wasn’t so bad. My skirt was okay after being on the radiator. Natalie Reed never has her uniform ironed and she had nits last year. I hope Mum doesn’t forget next week, but hopefully I’ve found a way to stop that being a problem.

         We had a right laugh in history, me and Sal and Kelly Jones were passing notes about how fit Jason Parks is. Kelly recons that him and Sammi have split up again. Every girl in the class fancies him, but he’s not up himself or anything, he’s really nice, one of those lads that is fit but can still be okay, you know?

         The bus was late today and it was freezing. We had to stand at the bus stop for nearly twenty minutes. The snow’s all gone now and dad says that’s why it’s so cold. Jason stood up to let Mrs Jackson sit down; she’s had a hip replacement, gross! That was so cool; I bet he’d be a great boyfriend, Sammi must be nuts to let herself get dumped. Cotter’s gang all laughed at him and called him a wuss. They’d never give their seats up. When he got up it meant that Mrs Jackson was sitting next to Chris Oxon. She smells a bit. It’s not her fault, she’s old and it’s not like she smells of wee or anything, just of old lady clothes. Chris’s face was a picture and he was glaring at Jason while Mrs Jackson told him about Martha, that’s her friend, falling over outside bingo. Mrs Jackson got off at the same stop as Jason and Chris and Chris carried her shopping bag for her, so he’s a nice lad, too.

          I got in and Mum was in the garden. It’s the beginning of January and she’s out there planting Daffodils. She got mixed up and called them Dandylions, I don’t know what’s up with her lately. Maybe she’s got a secret lover and is all in love and distracted. Dad’d be gutted, lol. Mum’s hands were so cold when she came in that she nearly dropped the kettle, good job it wasn’t full. We had hot chocolate together and it was kind of special. Like we used to do when I was little.

         She brought the ironing up; she’d remembered that she’d forgotten, duh. It’s great when you can lay a massive guilt trip on your folks. It’s not often I get the chance what with her being so perfect at everything, so I made the most of it. She’s done the ironing now, all my school stuff and her and dad’s gear for work. I asked her if she’d let me have a go.

         ‘No,’ she says.

         ‘Why not? If I can do my own ironing, you won’t have to forget, will you?’

         ‘You might burn yourself.’

         ‘Mum, I’m thirteen, not three.’

         I set the ironing board up while she put the dinner on and I ironed four shirts, one of dad’s that was scary, and a pair of jeans. It was good fun. Mum said I did okay. And then she sat on the arm of the chair and stroked my hair, she goes and gets all gooshy.

         ‘I’m losing my little girl.’

         ‘Don’t be daft. I’m still here,’

         ‘But you’re growing up before my eyes and there’s nothing that I can do to stop it.’

         ‘Thank God, who wants to stay a kid forever?’

         Then she starts fussing around with the washing and the ironing board and I think she was crying, can you believe that?

         Then Dad comes in. They still kiss every time one of them goes out or comes in. I wonder if my husband will still kiss me after all those years?  Mum was just finishing off the dinner and I was doing my homework at the table. I heard her telling dad that she got told off at work today. She was late in. That’s so hypocritical, if I’m late to school dad has a cow, but when Mum says she was late, Dad makes excuses for it. She thought Aunty Helen was on earlies, for some reason.

         Double maths tomorrow and I’ve just come on my period. They have started to come regular now. Can things get any worse!

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