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by Amay
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One day, a senseless death, a heart broken lover
Suzanne sat on the front steps as the sun sank on the horizon.

The phone hadn’t stopped ringing since that day. Reporters seemed to want to know everything so they could plaster it all over the paper.

Her mother sent her out of the house for a little bit of peace, some time away from the phone. Maybe Suzanne would do a little gardening, or rock in the chair on the porch. She knew time would heal her daughter’s broken heart. It was just going to take a little bit of time.

Suzanne just wanted him, the love of her life back. She looked at the first star of the evening. “Star light, star bright…” She started weeping again. She felt her father’s strong hand gently caress her shoulder; she turned and embraced him while he let her cry herself out.

When she slowed down he whispered, “Honey, remember when you were little and Grandma died. You wrote her a letter, and we took it to the lake and let it set sail.” He paused, “Write to Matthew; pour your heart into your letter. We’ll be at the lake tomorrow for the service. When it’s over you and the kids can take your letters and let them set sail.”

Suzanne snuffled and rubbed her swollen eyes. “You’re right. Can you get the kids started on their letters?”

“Your mom has them working on them. I brought a pad and pen for you.” He slowly stood up, and left his daughter to compose her thoughts.

Dearest Matthew,

I can’t believe everything that has happened in one short week. Wednesday we sat here together on the front steps. Under a starlit sky we planned our future. One we both thought would last for many years.

Now I’m sitting on the front steps alone, never to feel your arms around me again. I’m so lost.

I remember how happy we were when we found ‘our’ house. It was a fixer-upper. We’ve worked so hard on it.

I can’t go back there. I know I should. It’s a part of us, but I can’t.

A door will slam and memories of that day flash in my head.

I see the man in the gray hoodie standing there waving the gun back and forth between us. I hear his demands, and your calm voice. Everything is in slow motion. The gun fires, your hands fly up to your face, you fall back. I scream. Your blood covers me and flows onto the floor as your life slips away.

He took my purse. You died for twenty dollars. Everything seems so senseless right now.

Suzanne paused in her writing and looked up. A shooting star crossed the horizon. A warm breeze caressed her. She started writing again.

I love you Matt, with all my heart. Watch over us. I know you’ll be waiting on the other side.
Love, S

Suzanne stood, and placed the note in her purse, ready to face tomorrow.

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