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Megan and Jennifer's last night on the ship before they get to France.
It was a good thing that Megan and Jennifer didn't know Manoilito and Calin were on that ship. Megan was feeling better and she and Jennifer went to see baby Charlie.Margaret and John were so glad to see them.

Megan held baby Charlie. "He is so cute. You are lucky to have him."

"We think so, too. You will love it when you have children." Margaret loved kids.

Megan just smiled. She wasn't ready for children. She knew she and Miles would have to talk someday about children.

Margaret put baby Charlie down for a nap. Megan and Jennifer were on deck and saw Kyle Drakelin's ship.

"Bradley sure hates that Drakelin guy."

"Probably about as much as he hates Calin." Megan hadn't forgotten that Miles wasn't too fond of Manolito.

"I miss Calin. I don't want to marry him and Manolito looks like Johhny Depp. If Manolito wasn't a gypsy, you would love him if he was like Miles."

"That isn't fair. I like gypsies but I love Miles. He makes an honest living and happens to be rich. If he had an average income, I would still love him. Bradley can keep you in cigarettes for life and he is handsome and loves you. What more could you want?"

"I know I am lucky. We both are. France will be so much fun." Jennifer smiled.

Meanwhile on the Drakelin ship, Manolito and Calin were drinking and singing sea shantys.

"I can't wait to see my daughter Kristie. She looked like me. I have never forgiven Julianka for leaving England and my gpysy people and taking my little girl. I will see my little girl soon."

"She is eighteen now. She may be married or something."

"I know she won't come back to England with me. I want her to know I am her father and I love her."

"Manolito, she is a grown woman. I understand that you want to see her. You want to see Megan and I want to see Jennifer. The flashing moonstone may mean she still hasn't chosen Bradley for sure. She may want me, yet."

"Megan may want me and if my daughter accepts me with open arms, my life will be complete."

"Have another drink, matey."

"Don't mind if I do." Manolito stood up but fell down. Yes, he was drunk again. Calin urinated in the sea. The gypsies are back!

Megan and Jennifer changed for supper. Megan wore another lavebder dress with a purple bodice and a cameo that reminded her of Jane. She sure missed Jane. Jennifer wore a light blue dress with a white bodice and pearls. Tonight, they would be sharing the Captain's table. Bradley and Miles came to their room to pick them up. They would be on good behavior tonight.

When the couples entered the room, they were escorted to the Captain's table. Megan thought he looked like Captain Smith. He smiled and kissed Megan's hand and then Jennifer's. Two of his crew men Morris Linton and Amos Burton were seated at the table as well. The Captain asked how the women liked their voyage.

"It has been real nice. The ocean and dolphins are beautiful." Megan smiled.

"I love the ocean. It is my lady love and mistress." The Captain winked.

Megan thought his statement reminded her of the song Brandy.

"You aren't married?" asked Jennifer.

"I was but she died and I set sail and I knew this is where I belong. I will always love my wife but the sea owns me."

Miles kissed Megan's cheek. He whispered: "I would rather have you then the sea. You can't kiss and hug the sea."

Megan smiled. "I am glad I have you."

"Bradley, I am surprised you don't have your own ship. I would be happy to sail it for you."

"Well, Captain, I may have my own ship someday but I don't get to France that often. If I traveled more, I would probably buy one."

"Anytime you buy a ship, keep me in mind."

Bradley said he would. Supper was served. There was duck, turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, rolls, bread, apple pie, chocolate cake and cherries. It was a good meal. After supper, Bradley thanked the Captain and Miles did the same. Megan and Jennifer thanked him as well.

Jennifer was dying for a cigarette and she went to the back of the ship. Megan followed her. Bradley and Miles promised the women that they would see them later. The women were going to behave. Luckily, no one else was around. It was getting dark. The moon was coming up. The moon looked like the moonstone. It was light blue. There was fog over it.

"That moon looks spooky." Megan didn't act scared.

"I know.What is up with that? You know the last time the moon looked spooky, the gypsies were in town."

Just then a wolf howled.

"Oh, Hell! Not again!" Jennifer was done smoklng.

"I heard that wolf two weeks ago. Don't look now but the ghost lovers are back. They are hugging and kissing. We are in the Twilight Zone!"

"The Hell with this! I am going to our cabin. Bradley will be staying with me and Miles will be with you."

Megan and Jennifer went to their cabin. Jennifer ran and bumped into the wall. She didn't get hurt. Bradley and Miles joined them a few minutes later. Miles told Bradley and Jennifer that they would see them in the morning. Megan and Miles went to Bradley and Miles cabin. Megan and Miles felt like they were already married and they made love half the night and Bradley and Jennifer did the same.

The next morning, Megan and Miles went to the Dining Room for breakfast and Bradley and Jennifer jolined them. Megan and Jennifer seemed happy. The men were happy, too. The ship would be in France in an hour. Jennifer was nervous about meeting Bradley's family. Megan was nervous but wasn't sure why. They ate a light breakfast of toast, jam, bacon and orange juice.

"Are you ready to meet my parents?" Bradley asked.

"Yes, I think so." Jennifer knew that they would have to behave like ladies.

Miles squeezed Megan's hand and she knew that she loved him and always would. No one can tear them apart. She promised herself that.

After breakfast, the women got their belongings together as did the men. Bradley and Miles had their luggage as did the women. The Captain announced that they were soon be getting off the ship. The ship was coming into France. Jennifer and Megan looked around. They saw rich fancy houses and realized France was a richer country then England. They saw vineyards that were so green. The women had thought England was beautiful.

Bradley told the women he and Miles would be back in a few minutes. They were off the ship and they hugged Margaret and baby Charlie. They hugged John as well. People were walking past them. Megan and Jennifer were looking around, They saw the Drakelin ship a few feet away. Megan gasped and grabbed Jennifer's hand.

"It can't be! How in the world did they get here? Bradley and Miles will kill them! Jennifer exclaimed.

They had just seen Manolito and Calin. The gypsy men were blowing kisses and bowing. They yelled: "Hello, my pretties! We love you! Did you miss us?"

"Oh crap! Megan, we are in for it now!"

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