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entry for the poem a day contest Prompt: about a rescue attempt
Rescue of Mingo
BY Lisa Ann Noe
Poem a day contest
Word count:166
Line count:    30
Prompt writhe about a rescue attempt

He was lost and alone
No place to call home,
I felt bad for he
Because you see,
I love cats.

He was sick and afraid
I knew I had it made
So I took him into my heart
I could see he was special, quite smart.

His eyes were matted, his fur ruffled in a mess
I knew that a kitten wouldn’t like a bath, but I gave it to him nevertheless.
He was much dirty, I saw the water turned brown.
And that little kitten, he wore a frown.

He hissed as to curse me, but I smiled and dried him off
But this little kitten, he sure did scoff.
I combed him, and hugged him deep in my arms
I kissed him on the nose
And that kitty froze.

He liked me and purred, a beautiful sound
I am full of Joy now that he is around.
I named him Mingo, It’s an Indian name
I rescued him from death all the same.

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