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        Sasha was a slender Russian girl, who dabbled in collecting.
        Her father was a wealthy Russian Merchant Marine. Sasha liked
        to collect Russian Eggs and Kitsch sculpture. But, her lust for weapons
        was insatiable. "Poppa I must have this Sherman Tank." she pouted.
        Yakov sighed and looked at the photo of the tank in Argentina.
        "$529? That's a piece of junk. Go play with your dolls." he bellowed.
        Sasha stuck out her lower lip, "You promised me!" Yakov rubbed the
        back of his head and tapped a bid on E-bay.

                  "Now, go to your mother and make dinner." he commanded.

        Yakov sat in his favorite french chair and read the Pravda.
        Sasha's mother quickly entered the room and glared down at her husband.
        "Are you insane! She is a 15 year old girl! What is she going to do with a tank?"
        Nina was furious and wagged her long index finger at her husband.
        "Moustca, we have a large estate. She can play with her tank and nobody
        will get hurt. Besides the thing needs a motor its a rust bucket."
        Yakov flicked his news paper at his wife and continued reading.
        "These days you can buy anything on the internet." he mumbled and sipped
        his ice tea.

                  "Hello." a tall dark man introduced himself to Yarkov.

        Yarkov started coughing on his tea. "Where the Hell. Did you come from?"
        Yarkov gasped and put his paper aside. "Well, your daughter conjured me
        using a Kabbalist spell she read on Wickapedea." Yarkov got to his glock.
        "What do you want?" he asked aiming his gun at the intruder.
        "I am an incubus. I am here to gorge Sasha's sexual desires. That gun is
        useless against me." the dark man smiled. Yarkov fired his gun point blank
        into the intruder with no effect. "Oh. my God!" he stumbled to his laptop and
        Googled "Incubus."

                    "Dad! Don't shoot my incubus!" Sasha shouted and began to
                    passionately kissing the demon.

        Yarkov found the counter spell in a Kabbalah website. The incubus vanished.
        "You will not have access to the internet ever!" he shouted at his daughter
        and threw her over his lap. Sasha's panties were exposed under her
        school girl dress. After a few smacks of Yarkov's hand Sasha's butt was a
        brighter pink than her panties. She cried, "I have a right to buy things!"
        Her father sighed, "You can have sex with your Harry Potter broom."
        and tossed her to the floor. "Oh, and I'd cancel the tank if the sales weren't
        final." he added with a snort. Nina took Sasha by the wrist and dragged her
        into the kitchen to cut cucumbers.

        Reflections: Can anyone be trusted with a tank?

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