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A Short story about Teralen a deceased fire dragon's view of what happens after death.

Blackness... Was all I saw, all I felt... For how long? I don't recall... The last thing I remember was being killed by the one I loved, that I thought loved me... And the thoughts of my family and sister, that I have failed, because of my foolishness. Did it matter anymore? I don't know... After giving in to Death as my wounds were inevitable... All there was, was pure darkness. The pain, at least, faded. Was this rest and relief from suffering? Or merely just the wait? I can't hear... I can't see or move... I can only hear my own mind... My soul.

The wait was endless, but I had no hurry, I had no rush, I felt at peace yet yearning, as the everlasting darkness kept me embraced in it's abyssal grasp. How long have I been... Dead? Is this truly all it is? What of my kinds belief's of our creator.? Have I been abandoned? I wanted to scream, I wanted to cry, I wanted to find a light but none of my wishes in the darkness came, I simply was part of darkness... With the knowledge my body would perhaps just rot in the forest...

Time had no flow for me, I do not know how long, but something new happened... I saw a fire of light in the distance! I couldn't approach it... Though it approached me. Suddenly I heard a loud roar... It sounded like my mother... And every other Infernal..! Was I imagining the roars of them? Surly it couldn't be imagined with the bright light growing... Fear suddenly grasped me but then shattered in a flash of light!

The darkness encasing me was washed away like mud in rain upon hide, just swept away, as I saw only brightness, blinding white.

It was almost overwhelming, I felt as if my heart raced beyond speed of sound, wind and light, even though my flesh was deceased, I slowly started to regain form, but I knew instantly I was not alive... The darkness washed away as I saw! I saw again... But no where of home or anywhere I seen, It was blank, white and bright. I looked to my paws, I looked to myself, I was me... But not. It made no sense... But then a voice spoke out from no where and everywhere,

"Teralen . . ."

I looked around but saw nothing, but then out of no where, a figure approached... Robes of pure white yet with a hood covering it's face. It was the form of a man, yet I didn't recognize, I could only stare...

"You have lived a life of confusion and blindness to love, you have died and are now before me . . . To which I shall pass your judgment, as right it is to come uponth all creatures death."

Tears started to stream down my snout, I don't even know why, fear and sadness yet a pleading yearn spoke my soul, as the man had a book, looking into it.

"Ever since a hatchling, you have been kind and good, growing well and have stayed on the path of Infernal culture..."

Before my eyes in front of me, was now a scenery from my life... The blank area was somehow instantly shifted into my home when I was a young... I saw my parents with myself as a young, running about playful and happy as but a child. Was this some kind of illusion, I knew I was dead... And yet I was seeing as if a ghost and spirit of myself when I lived, I saw my mother and father smiling proudly over me...

"You have always been a fast learner, and have always been fair; you were kind yet almost too proud."

The scene as instant it first was shifted, and before I saw myself in the meadow, a bit older as a youngling, with my friends, being admired for many a thing that I have almost forgotten about.

"You enjoyed most learning how to fly as a Juvenile and have even helped upon others to learn, sparing them much embarrassment and pain."

Again the scene shifted, I saw myself at the mountain range along the eastern border of the Sky-Mountains... My friends were with me, and I saw myself speak but did not hear, my friends looking upon to me, as I saw myself spread wings and glide, before landing before them, assisting them in teaching them how. I remember that, when I lived and those many cycles ago...

"But... Came a time as you grew, that foolishness seeped, for things you did not do nor did you follow."

The man said while looking directly at me, before back to the book. I felt a pang in my core as that was spoken...
For already I had a sense what was next to be seen.

"Your heart was pure and intentions true, but you have let it oversee all else. Things you did naught see... Such as..."

Suddenly before me, the scene around us shifted to a cave again, but not my mothers... It was Tranras' home cavern... I looked in surprise, as there I saw him, beside another female dragon that I have never seen before, looking flushed and smiling, nuzzling against him. Pain lurched in my heart as I saw... Tears flooding my eyes...

"You did naught know nor see, what was beyond your ability. Tranras before pretending with you, has had a mate, yet discerningly kept upon a secret, denying the female, Xelna, proper bonding in ceremony, playing her heart yet kept true while to manipulate you. Naught once, did he speak of Xelna of you."

I watched as the scenes shifted, showing each meeting I had with Tranras... Witnessing how... How love struck I was to miss every sign... Even when he grew more controlling, I was... Blind. The sorrow in my core grew, I knew now I was a fool, I watched the scenes... And even scenes shown I have not been part, as a scene showed upon Tranras, boasting to his friends how easy I was to use...

"Cometh a Dawn that before you visited, Your sister was but a fallen child, her egg cold with death's grasp, to where I have renewed, and blessed myself, to which you met the dawn next. Even though with new family, your thoughts ran with love not true for you, where neglection of your family came."

I didn't want to see what was next but I had no choice, I couldn't look away, It was everywhere. I saw before me, first when I kept dawn after cycle to which I spent lesser time with my mother and father... And have agreed to visit upon a day that happened to be the hatching of my sister... For there now upon the scene, was my first meeting with Korvia my sister by blood. Tears flowed down more as I saw how beautifully adorable she was, how innocent, and pure... And yet as the scene moved forward, I saw myself, how I talked to my mother about events...

"For one as wise as Fierya Skyheart, she could not protect or save you from your own fall, your own heart that has misled you. You have chosen to neglect and disregard your own mother's love, her warning for you. For a whole cycle you regarded it, and shunned family more, keeping to word to visit a whole cycle later. Why so long? Have you known how it has affected not just you, but your family?"

The scene shifted once more...I witnessed myself alone in a cave, working with the Star-Sapphire pendant I was making for Tranras, focused mostly on that and thoughts upon him, I watched myself work on it... Why was I such a fool?! I clawed the ground in sorrow and pain, but I felt no ground under, it was merely a scene, and I was no part of the world of the living. I tried to shout at myself to stop! To go home! To be with my family! But no voice rang out... The scene of time flowed continuously showing myself there, working idly.

"Even with your own disregard, You were missed and loved, and despite normal circumstances, you were remembered, by one of youth."

That was when I felt as my heart was pierced, as the scene shifted immediately, and I saw my little sister in my mother's home... Speaking in such a adorable tone... I have never heard her speak before... And it brought tears to my soul, as I heard her speak if it was the dawn she'd see me again, and the look...The look! How sad she looked when mother told her it wasn't...

"And when the day came for your own blooded sister, to see you once more, where were you Teralen?"

I didn't want to remember..! I didn't want to see..! But I had no choice, as there...watching, was Tranras with me in the forest... Now seeing how possessive he was, and from witnessing the signs from the scenes, I couldn't believe...How in life I was such a fool... To be blind to it all... I died, because of my own foolishness... And one word that Tranras spoke to me in the forest rang out loud in my core as he spoke what he said before killing me...

""Perhaps you should have listened to your lovely mother then…for a Dragonqueen she is quite pathetic for not raising her daughter better than this to fall to such manipulation…""

I wanted to roar out in anger and sorrow at him right there as I watched the scene, but like last attempt... Nothing happened; I couldn't change the flow of time... I was but a spirit...

Watching the past of my life... Watching my foolishness... Witnessing once more how I died... I tried to look away, but I saw, as the man near me still read through the book, his hood still on. His voice I heard rang out once more...

"Do you know the sorrow that came, uponth your death? Hurt not only was thy mother... But thy blood sister as well..."

My soul felt as if it wanted to just break down in sobs, I couldn't stand witnessing all this... Yet It was forced, there was no choice. I had to. And the scene shifted... I saw my little sister... How excited she was when the dawn came to finally meet up with me, and it pained like daggers firing repeated into my gut as I heard the words of my mother and sister... Echoing loud,

"“Yes my little Korvi, this is the dawn that we meet with Teralen in the meadow! I’ve missed my sweet Tera so much... We should convince her to live with us!”

--- ---
“Yesh we shoulds mum! Yesh yesh!”
--- ---
“Then let us make that happen, we are to meet her early dawn too!""

I howled loud to myself, wailing into the air... I never knew this..! I have neglected my family and to see their excitement in for me... It was... I didn't have time to think anymore... As the scene shifted once more... I saw my little sister walking with mother in the forest... The forest I was murdered in... And to my shock, I saw my sister just run off from mother! I tried to cry out to her to stop, But it was unheard... I could only watch... Only regret and feel the pain in my gut and soul... As then I saw the scene of my sister finding my body... I saw myself, laying there...Dead, bloodied... I felt such sorrow it was as if my soul was twisting and bending but would not snap..! I couldn't get away from these scenes..! I watched the horror, as tears streamed down my eyes... Hearing my sisters words...

"Sister!! Founds yous! Missed yous much..!!"

There was only silence.

"S...sisteer..? Pw...pwease wakes ups...yous nu deer! Yous can nu be dead! Nu nu nu yous nu deer!!"

The emotion building in me was so great, I wanted to explode with apologizes, I caused such pain...

"S..sister..! WAKES UPS WAKES UP PWEASEEE I Missed yous! S…SISTERR…!”

The wailing cries of my sister rang through my core, my spirit and soul, I couldn't believe it... I broke down in tears, slumping down sobbing, broken... I felt shattered...

The man closed the book... And the scenes faded away, back into the blank white, as he lowered his hood... Revealing to have Azure blue eyes... And brown hair, a light beard... He walked over to me as I sobbed... And placed a hand upon me. I cried out in tears, how Unworthy I was, that I have sinned crime in the end beyond pain not only to myself but to my entire family... I never wanted that... I never intended it...
I was broken... And here was Judgment upon me... Having reflected my whole life... Deeds of good and mistakes of all...

His voice spoke... Calmer and soothing...

"Teralen... For all you have done, in life both young and grown... Your soul is not tainted, only mislead in the end. Tell me... Do you truly regret the suffering you caused in the end of your life to family and yourself? Do you see what you have done, and do you repent against the Sins of the Past?"

His words echoed in my heart... My soul... I looked into his eyes... I was so full of sorrow, shame and regret... As if my eyes were opened and realized all the wrong I did even if unintended... I whispered to him... So low yet heard nonetheless...

"Azuren...Creator and Lord... I have not been perfect nor have I done all right in my life... I see the suffering and sin I have done in my life... I never intended it... I am sorry and hope you can forgive me... So perhaps I could just rest and know I am forgiven..."

He looked into my eyes... Staring long and deep, before replying to me...

"My child...Teralen, No longer must you Suffer, your soul speaks true and pure, and held not against you anymore, as you are forgiven, and the Darkness you will not return, neither to corruption of Neruza, But life forever, will you have, In this Era...and soon the Next. It is time to come home my child... Let us go."

Suddenly within... The sorrow...the pains and regret...Washed away as he rubbed my cheek, smiling as he stared into my eyes...
My tears flowed still, yet stopped as he wiped away with his hand, wiping away my tears... And they stopped... I felt peace inside... As I stood up... And walking beside me he led me into a warmth. It is almost indescribable... My heart beat with joy and relief, I started to tear but this time with Joy... Not sorrow...

I was going home... Home with the creator, in his heaven, walking beside as he led me, like a father, like a mother, guiding his lost, but now found child...

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