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This is a poem about my quest for knowledge.
I find myself going insane again -
That type of insanity that strikes one
Who is on the brink of understanding
The universe at its very core essence,
But is afraid to take that last step
For fear that it may ruin life as one knows it.
Things will never be the same. 
They cannot be.  That is
The downside of knowledge. 
It carries with it consequence and accountability. 
If you allow it to, it also carries with it emotions,
Such as elation, happiness, guilt, shame,
Or whatever you allow at the time to break through
That objectivity barrier that keeps you perfectly scientific
In nature.  You are, after all, human. 
You have some sort of feeling about everything. 
You cannot help it.  It is in your blood,
Unless you are drained of it, in which case
You are perfectly, well, dead.
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