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by el jef
Rated: E · Draft · Fantasy · #1881835
This is simply a continuation of a piece that I had begun to create years ago.
The Paradise

         The city is quiet and desolate. The trees have been burnt to tiny timbers and the ground is black like charcoal. It’s empty and trashed streets scream for life as the roads fall into a withering state of disrepair. It almost seems as if hell careened from the swollen, burning depths that it came from and exploded out on to the world. All that is left of this once verdant and graceful land is a barren, lifeless, and cruel world. The only thing that moves in this concrete jungle is the looming buildings that were once buzzing with life as they corrode in to dust. Time itself has seemed to halt in this eternal wasteland. The city is quiet with an overbearing hint of emptiness. In this land not even the wind dares to make even an utter of a sound. Any person who looks upon this city, deems it unworthy and moves on. I however, find it to be home.

         Looking down from the old elementary school, I spot my prey. A lonely man, shambling through the alleys, looking for safety. As he nears the school, I hastily climb down and clamber into the classroom. A small fire is lit in the corner of the room and piles of textbooks lay in wait, ready to become kindling. I reflect on my thoughts and manipulate them to my wishes. Exiting the room, I quietly shut the door and gaze upon the eternal hallways, unchanged from the day that time stopped.

“Pitiful. So many lives were lost.”

Again I lost touch, reality melted away and the sirens began sounding. The screams of millions rings through my ears. The sudden sound of glass breaking, reminds me of the task at hand. I grab my 9mm berretta and make my way towards the stairwell. As I near the top of the stairs, I begin hearing the mans nonsensical muttering. I knew that if I didn’t put him down today, others would come.

         Gracefully I descend down the stairs and begin to stalk him. He had broken into the teachers lounge and was sifting through the paperwork. Every word points to his scattered mind and then he turns. I know that look in his eye, the look of desperation. He had clearly been lost for a few days at the very least and was searching for any source of food or maps that could assist him in leaving. Unfortunately for him, his time will be cut short. I pull the trigger and a slug plows into his chest and exits his body. He begins to quiver and crumples to the floor. I prepare to fire the second, determining shot, when he begins to cackle.

         He slumps upward and holds his hands outward towards me.

“Wait till they hear that I’ve found you!”

         Insanely laughing, the man turns and lunges at the window. I watch in horror, as he jumps out and falls to his death. Slowly pacing towards the window, I look down and view the corpse that had just seemed so lively. “So the cycle continues and the city becomes quieter.” I think to myself as I contemplate the man’s actions. What could he have possibly been thinking? He was either incredibly brave or just outright insane. I shouldn’t let it bother me though, because the threat is gone and my home is safe yet again. Taking one last moment to simply breath, I prepare myself for the next task, cleaning up the remains.

         “Joseph. Joseph! Where are you? Oh there you are. I have been looking for you for over an hour. Enjoying the water I see. Wait where are you going? Joseph? Joseph…

I awake startled and in a daze. My makeshift bed soaked with sweat and my thoughts entirely focused on my recurring nightmare. My wife Lillian. Beautiful, charming and intelligent. The true light of my life and the only woman that I could ever love. However she has now become a daunting poltergeist in my sleep and I cannot get through one night without experiencing flashbacks. Burning passions, make me yearn for her and yet I now fear the very sight of her. I cannot travel throughout the city without having a glimpse of her.

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