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Dedicated to the Hebrew poetic style of parallelism embodied in the book of Psalms
An ode to the Psalmist…
those who give self to His esteem
much as the flowers depart shrubs
and the leaves cast way from trees
that the host may bloom anew

an ode to the Psalmist…
whose members gather as one
to display the Lord’s splendor
like unto colors arrayed in the sky
brilliant of themselves yet blended as one rainbow

an ode to the Psalmist…
whose song merge with strings
and whose drums fuse with trumpets
which blur into a twilight symphony
akin to the clamor of night time beast
that His glory shall be heard throughout

an ode to the Psalmist…
who submit in their worship
as bees serve their royal mother
devoted to the master
that the world would know His majesty

an ode to the Psalmist…
whose reverence to His holiness
as the canine adores his master
gladly enslaved, happily bound
that the Potter might mold them as He sees fit

an ode to the Psalmist…
whose praise flow from affection
likened to the maiden who holds her newborn
the object of full love
that the Lord would reach each heart

an ode to all Psalmist
to whom honor is due
to the poets of His Lordship
to the crooners to His glory
to thee this ode gives homage

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