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this is a poem I wrote one day when I was very upset
Oh ye peoples of the world
How my heart aches to be with you
But I am on the outside,
Unable to come closer lest I die.

I let you close,
But my evil hearts destroys
No matter good intentions
And once the evil has been sown
My heart begins its breaking

It's a fickle thing
This breaking heart
It rots the soul and tears apart,
Yet none can see me, none can know

The aching of this loneliness
Just seems to grow with time,
My pounding heart will not go numb,
It will stop for naught.

So on I go to live again,
The pain returning time again,
In an endless dance where I am the evil,
Yet I feel the pain, I am the fire,
Yet I feel the burns.

Will this dance not ever end?
Perhaps not,
For what would one that’s nothing but a breaking heart,
Become if that heart was made whole?

So this pain I’ll bear,
This pain I'll live,
For perhaps if I hurt alone...
No one will hear my tears.
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