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From cave-drawings to iphones, look how far we've come!
Evolution of the Written Word

As long ago as 40,000 years BCE (BC is politically incorrect, now), humans were communicating by painting pictures on cave walls. It’s not known if the Neanderthal resident was simply decorating his stone walls to match the décor or if he was bequeathing a message for his descendants, warning them of the rather temperamental saber-toothed tiger over the next volcano.

Regardless of the reason, the written thought was born. Eventually, Mr. Nean Derthal grew weary of the tedious task of drawing his messages. It took all night to leave a note on the wall, informing Mrs. Derthal that he had gone hunting.  One morning, Nean stepped back and studied his picture: the arrow-pierced Wooly Mammoth towering over the image of himself, bow raised in triumph. Not too bad, he thought. Then he had an idea. Nean approached the wall, raised his red-iron-oxide soaked horse-hair brush, and began his revisions.
        ♥              ˄            →}              Ѽ              ˅                *Moon*      *Smile*     
[Sweetheart              gone             hunting           mammoth               back               tonight]

Thus began the age of the written word.  Over the eons of time, alphabets and languages developed and spread across countries and continents, replacing the cave-wall drawings and symbols with tomes of penned thoughts, opinions, and imaginings.

Today, we have word processors, ipads, and iphones which allow us to send messages instantly to our loved ones. Mr. Derthal would be impressed.  If Nean were to send such a message to his wife in this day and time, he would text to her the following:
      ♥                ˄          2          McD’s              BRB        :)

Look how far we have evolved!


[Published in Shadows Express ezine September 2012]

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