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can a girl leave her abusive boyfriend? Please read just joined today :)
She walked through the forest; just like she did every time her boyfriend hit her.  Her grey t-shirt was torn with newly made blood stains on it.  She wasn’t wearing a bra or even pants.  She came out here to escape him; to breathe.

            We watched her from behind the bushes, hiding among the trees.  We would sneak glances at her wondering eyes, wondering if she would ever leave him, wondering if she would ever let herself be free. 

            “KAREN!”  His screaming stopped all the peacefulness and many of us scattered; afraid he would see us.  Only me and a few of the ones closest to her stayed.

            You could see the panic in her eyes.  Her eyes got as big as saucers, and you could feel her mind racing.  She ran and ran’ not feeling the pain of the stones and twigs and mud beneath her feet.  We tried to keep up; our wings almost not carrying us fast enough.  She tripped on a log and would’ve fallen on her face into the dirt if we didn’t assist.  We’re only suppose to watch; not assist.


            All the times before she gave in but today was different; today she kept running.  Tears were streaming down her cheeks, and her feet began to bleed even harder.  She collapsed tired and in pain.  Her right eye was already starting to turn black and blue. 

            My friend touched my back and whispered “, He’s going to hurt her real bad.  We have to do something.”

            As I have already said; we’re only suppose to watch not assist.  Her sobs tore at me, but I couldn’t do nothing.  But then, she did the one thing that would make it possible for us to help her.

            She prayed.

            “God, I know I haven’t talked to you in awhile; and it’s because I thought you didn’t care about me.  I thought that since you took my mom away I did something to make you angry; and instead of talking to you about it I ran away from you.  I’m sorry.  I’m sorry if I made you angry.  I’ve learned now you are the one I should run to, not away from.  Please God please help me.”

            With though words we ran upon to her and touched her tired shoulder.  We kissed her head as white pure rainbow colored light went from where we kissed her tired head and went down to her tired and bloody toes. 

            We are her angels.  We were always by her side; waiting for her to come back; waiting for her to ask for help and forgiveness.  Our white healing light engulfed; her hair turning different shades of every color.  Her eyes were wide open by then as she finally began to realize how it all began and how it all will end.

            We heard a rustle behind us and saw him standing there not able to see us, not able to see her transformation.  He would never see us; he was just too blind.

            He slowly walked up to her, knife hidden at his side closer and closer he got, but as soon as he was about to strike; he fell to the ground paralyzed by his anger; paralyzed by God.

            She blinked her eyes, coming out of her coma like state and grabbed his cell phone out of his jean pocket and called 911.  They arrived taking him away; giving her peace and safety.

            She now lives for God, speaking to others about abuse, God and the “little angels” always on her shoulders.  That always makes me laugh.  Me little.  We always walk with her, helping her when she needs help, helping her have better communication with God.

            That’s all God wants us to do; awaken him in our lives and know he will never ever let us travel this dark world alone
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