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A marooned sailor lands on an isle whose hedonistic inhabitants practice the cult of Cupid
This is a continuation of my attempt at translating my grandfather’s memoirs whose origins are described in "Memoirs of Wanderlust [XGC]. The first successful translation can be read at "Invalid Item .

It took me considerable time to decipher the second manuscript. Paucity of time, troubles at home and the writer's illegible hand made this task onerous and time consuming.

This adventure describes the experience of a white trader called Norman whose ship had been wrecked in the Atlantic. He survived and reached an island on the coast of Africa. The inhabitants of the isle, a black tribe called the Maribas, rescued him. The story is set sometime in the late nineteenth century and narrated by Norman himself in the first person.


I settled down to my life on the island. The Maribas had been kind and hospitable to me. Though a cannibalistic tribe, they never looked upon me as a source of nourishment. I later realized that they associated my white skin and blonde hair with some celestial embodiment, a fact which I was to considerably exploit.

My talent with alien tongues came of good use. I mastered the language of the Maribas and adopted their costume which consisted of a simple loincloth. They lived a happy and contented life. The men spent their time fishing and hunting. Women collected fruits and honey and raised children. At night, both men and women danced and chatted around fires and drank a potent liquor extracted from wild herbs. I suspected that the drink also had aphrodisiacal properties because fucking and fornicating seemed the most indulged variant of leisure.

Both polygyny and polyandry were prevalent. The Maribas lived a promiscuous life. Adultery was not considered an offence though it did cause jealousy and strife. Non-consensual sex did draw penal provisions and the guilty had to compensate the victim’s family with gifts of meat and fish.

The tribe wore simple clothes. Men wore a loincloth made from the soft bark of cedar trees. Females draped goatskin skirts. Children remained naked. On attainment of puberty, girls wore a girdle of white jasmines on their head. Married or betrothed women covered their breasts with flowers. Single and unattached women including widows kept their bosoms bare.

Nature had blessed the Maribas with excellent heights and sturdy physiques. They lived long and healthy lives. The black women with their lively eyes and African hair fascinated me and made my forced abstinence immensely painful. I wasn't certain how the tribe would react if I made an advance on one of their women. To relieve myself, I would disappear deep into the forests and masturbate while fantasizing about their ebony bodies. One married woman called Hidula had infatuated me the most. She was a tall woman with a regal face.

One afternoon, ensconced deep inside the forest, I was engrossed in stroking my cock which was fully aroused by the thoughts of Hidula’s wide ass. My loincloth served as a makeshift mattress under my butt. Suddenly, someone sneezed behind me. I turned and saw a female form dash into the words.

Hurriedly, I tightened the loincloth around me and set off in hot pursuit. I soon caught up with my quarry and grabbed her with my arms. She scratched and hissed like a wildcat and attempted to flee from my clutches, but I easily overpowered her and brought her down to the ground. Straddling her thighs, I pinned her wrists to the ground.

I recognized her face from the previous night’s festivity. She had been the star attraction in the rites conducted to celebrate her attainment of puberty. The first steps into womanhood were an important event in the Mariba calendar, and pubescent lasses who finished their first menstrual cycle would be paraded before the village. The shy girls would be blessed by the tribal council, and a priest would place a girdle of jasmines on their heads amidst much cheering and clapping. The girl under me had stood out amongst all her other compatriots because of her health and beauty. I remembered the drunken revelry and bawdy jokes of the young men who wagered bets as to who would be the lucky one to breed her.

“What’s your name?” I asked the girl now.

She glared at me. I was angry with her for intruding upon my private moments, and her insolence infuriated me still further. I smacked her face a couple of times which made her tremble. Her pain stoked my male ego. Beads of sweat lined her forehead which I had a strong urge to lick. The stench of her perspiration pleased my nostrils. The creature’s fortitude impressed me because not a single tear appeared in her eyes.

My drought of women was now beginning to show as the close physical contact with the maiden stiffened my cock. The wild look in her eyes provoked my manliness. The more she struggled, the more excited I got as unwittingly she generated friction on my member. I could no longer ignore my painful arousal which begged to be fed at her womanhood.

“What’s your name?” I repeated.

“Vaduma,” she blurted. Her voice was husky for her age.

“What were you doing?” I asked.

A mischievous glint appeared in her eyes. She turned her face away. “Tell me bitch!” I snarled.

“I followed you,” she said.

“Why?” I asked.

She didn’t answer, but somehow I knew why.

“You liked my cock?”

Her silence could not disguise the gleam in her eyes. Sunlight filtered through the thick foliage and illuminated her face. Her loveliness stirred deep feelings within me, and my animal lust gave way to a labyrinth of confusing emotions. I was now overcome by both desire and tenderness. Vaduma sensed the change in me because when I released her wrists she no longer pushed me away.

I framed Vaduma’s face with my hands and gazed into her innocent eyes. She looked pure and virginal with the girdle of jasmines on her head. Natural hair of African women had always attracted me. Vaduma was no different, and I caressed her head. When I kissed her, she opened her sensuous mouth. Our tongues met and indulged in a gentle frolic. Her inexperience amused me, and I thanked Mother Nature for granting me the pleasures of one of her most wholesome daughters.

It was not the first time I was kissing a woman or a virgin but this girl tasted unique. In all probability, prolonged absence of female companionship was telling on me, but there was no denying Vaduma’s spicy freshness. Undoubtedly, she had partaken liberally of the potent liquor served the previous night. I could taste it in her creamy saliva, and the heady concoction intoxicated me. I kissed and sucked with vigor.

Imagine my happiness when slender arms entwined around my back. Her throat emitted soft sighs. I placed one hand inside her skirt. My fingertips traced the faint growth of pubescent pubic hair. I inserted one finger into her slit. It was warm and wet. I had a terrible urge to claim her at that very moment, but the girth of my cock would be unbearable for her. Even by the lofty Mariba standards, I possessed a prized specimen and the dear virgin girl would need excessive lubrication to accommodate me inside her.

With that noble intention in mind, I grazed her neck with hot kisses and commenced an exploration of the rest of her ebony body. My first stop was her apple-sized breasts which were bare given her unmarried status. The fountain of youth had begun to fill them up and would soon transform them into the magnificent boobies that all Mariba women possessed. I squeezed the soft mounds and sucked the puckered buds. Vaduma writhed under me and clawed the earth with her nails. That and her erect nipples signaled an intensification of her heat.

I trailed my tongue down her belly lapping up all her sweat and halted at her navel. Deep and alluring, it sat on her toned stomach like a jewel. I used the tip of my tongue to clean it up making her squirm with want.

Finally, I reached my goal. I loosened her skirt. She sat up straight and stopped my hand. Her eyes pleaded with me, and she shook her head. Disappointed at being denied fulfillment, I stared at her in hopeless despair. My engorged cock begged to be released; goaded me to claim her by force. It took superhuman effort on my part to suppress my craving.

“You’re so big,” she spoke with anxiety.

“I’ll be gentle,” I reasoned.

Vaduma paused for a few moments lost in thought while my heart throbbed with expectation. As an answer to my prayers, she lay back and looked toward the skies. She kept her feet on the ground and slowly raised her folded knees in the air. Then, she parted her thighs and smiled at me. I grabbed the invitation and broke every world record that existed in removing a girl’s skirt. The first Mariba pussy of my life winked at me.

The Maribas complied with little sexual restrictions. Children explored their sexualities early on and frequently indulged in various types of sex acts ranging from oral to penetrative. They lost their virginities at a tender age.

Vaduma seemed to be a rare exception. The previous night her body had drawn lots of admiration from libidinous males. A virgin, they all had claimed. She was easily the oldest amongst all the girls present. Men attributed her late adolescence to the absence of sexual activity. An old midwife who claimed to help during Vaduma’s birth claimed that Vaduma was fifteen summers old.

Something about Vaduma’s face had intrigued me and in vain I had looked for her mother. Parents were forbidden from attending the ceremony of their own daughters.

Now, alone with the exotic Vaduma, I prepared her for my pleasure. I was eager to taste her virgin pussy which looked like a black butterfly with folded wings. The puffed outer lips underscored her willingness. I crouched between her legs and pasted my face to her jewel.

I drove my my tongue into her womanhood and parted the purple petals. My tongue rolled back and forth across her slit. I used the tip of my tongue to lift the clitoral hood and worried the black pearl hidden there. She began to vigorously rub her wet flesh on my mouth. The musky odor that drenched my nostrils was headier than the finest Parisian perfume. I inhaled deeply and continued to attack her pussy with my mouth. Soon, her legs clamped around my head and her body tensed. Screaming loudly, she exploded over my face. I lapped up every precious droplet of her essence.

I stood above her and removed my loincloth. My monstrous cock dangled before her face. She looked at it with awe. “Touch it,” I said.

The abashed look on her face stuck a dagger in my heart, and I wanted her even more desperately. She was still a child at heart. “Come on, Vaduma. It won’t eat you,” I coaxed her in my gentlest tone.

She kneeled before me and stretched out her tentative arm. When her small fingers curled around my rod, jolts of pleasure coursed through my veins. Her small hands couldn’t circumnavigate my tool, but the touch transformed her. She caressed the pink skin and tickled my large sacs.

“You know what to do with it, don’t you?” I asked.

She nodded. “My mother makes me practice with bananas and cucumbers.”

“Show me what she has taught.”

Vaduma passed her wet tongue along the length of my cock and nibbled on the thick crown. Her small mouth generated wondrous feelings in my member and animal feelings consumed me. She was a natural given the way our gazes locked. That someone with such innocent eyes could act with such wanton abandon amazed me. I could not hold myself. Holding her head in place, I rammed my tool into her throat.

She coughed and sputtered and almost choked, but I was consumed by lust. I fucked her mouth with gusto and could feel the tip of my crown against her throat. The girth of my tool fully stretched her jaws and muffled her cries. Clearly, she was in much pain, but the valiant girl didn’t interrupt my pleasure. Her caved cheeks meant that she was doing her best to suck and please me.

I closed my eyes and threw my head back. One of the best orgasms in my life hit me, and I spewed copious amounts of semen into her tender mouth. She tried to slurp and gobble all of it but the abundance of my ejaculation defeated her. Rivulets of white froth formed at the corners of her mouth and presented before me a dainty spectacle.

Kneeling down beside her, I took her in my arms and kissed her. I lapped up as much of my semen as I could and holding it in my mouth lay her back. She spread her legs for me. I yanked apart the fat vaginal lips and poured the creamy fluids from my mouth. The poor girl needed all the lubrication she could get.

I now lay down upon her. Pressing my hard body against her soft curves, I kissed her. She flung my arms at the back of her head and pulled me closer. The intimate contact enervated my flaccid penis squeezed between our bellies.

Resting my weight on my elbows, I gazed once more at her exquisite features. Many suitors had noticed her the previous night. Soon, the luckiest amongst them wed her and by next summer her stomach would bloat with his baby. The thought excited me. Whoever be her future husband, I would be the fortunate one to deflower his wife and make his task easier.

“Are you ready, my darling?” I asked. My phallus had regained all its glory.

She nodded, and I mounted between her thighs. I grasped my arousal and wedged the fat crown between her vaginal lips. Just the contact made me shudder. Vaduma grimaced and closed her lips. The large head of my cock was already causing her pain, but it was an inevitable part of her journey to womanhood.

Gently, I pushed and inch by inch, my manhood began to disappear into her love tunnel which was wet with lubrication. The muscles of her womanhood formed an unyielding softness and produced a delightful sensation on my advancing member.

My heart leapt with joy when I encountered the unmistakable obstruction – her sweet hymen. Though, I was quite sure about Vaduma’s virginity, one could never be sure with the liberated sexual environment Mariba children grew up in.

I kissed her face and whispered, “It will really hurt now, darling. Are you ready?”

The dear girl closed her eyes and nodded. My cock moved forward on its delightful journey. Her virgin membrane proved to be more stubborn than I thought and refused to be broken.

I caressed her African hair and savored the exquisite feelings generated by her snatch on my hardness, at least on whatever small portion had managed to go inside her.

Strange feelings swamped my mind. My heart filled with tenderness for the sweet girl beneath me. I felt protective and possessive about her, and resisted my animal urge to take her by force. Shock lined her youthful features when I withdrew.

“Don’t worry, baby,” I comforted and moved between her legs.

Her black womanhood fascinated me. It was slick with juices. I pulled apart the puffed vaginal lips and darted my tongue inside. This time I just licked taking care not to lap up the creamy gels. Instead, I tried and deposited copious amounts of my own saliva into the depths of that delightful snatch which smelled wild and awesome. Doing my best, I reclaimed my position atop her and directed my spear once more into the depths of her damp folds.

“Vaduma, hasn’t your mother told you what to do?”

Shyly, she nodded and locked her nice legs at my butt. When I pushed, she also pulled me further in. The virgin muscles clamped around my shaft making me mad with joy. When I encountered her hymen, I eased out just a bit and rammed in with all my strength. This time, I broke through and buried myself inside her to the hilt.

My partner shrieked with pain and swooned, but her quivering twat produced such a pleasurable lock on my rod, that I erupted immediately. With my shrinking cock lodged within her I bestowed the unconscious girl’s face with ardent kisses. The creamy juices from my member must have soothed her hurt like a balm because soon she came around and returned my kisses.

The beatific smile on her lips revealed her inward happiness at having turned a woman. She seemed to be a different person now. Her kisses were full of ardor, and suddenly I sensed her small hands on my tiny butt. Undoubtedly, she was putting to good use the knowledge gleaned from her mother who must have been quite a lover herself. I felt my ass cheeks being pulled apart and a slender finger penetrated my sphincter.

If her sudden move amazed me, her next was an even greater shock. The finger withdrew, went inside her mouth and came out coated with her saliva. She violated my anus again with her lubed digit and tickled the nerve endings bunched there.

My cock began to grow within her, and I moved back and forth a little to give it more friction. When it reached its full glory, I began to fuck her. My hunger partially ebbed, I adopted a slow languorous style. Meanwhile, she continued to frig my bottom in the most skilful manner imaginable. Rotating me pelvis, I stretched her fully. My deep strokes made her sigh and moan. Obviously, her pain had dissolved in the throes of pleasure. Her body tensed, and she screamed with wanton abandon.

I continued to pound her pussy. The combined effect of her quivering vagina and the relentless fingering of my butt tipped me over the edge. Screaming her name, I erupted within her depths hoping that at least one lucky sperm would be able to form a baby inside her.


We fucked a couple of times more before our fires were fully quelled. Her lithe frame lay upon me like a creeper entwined around a tree. Tranquility reigned over my soul. Only the blood and semen on our soiled genitals offered hints of our torrid lovemaking.

“Vaduma,” I spoked her name.

She propped up on her elbows and looked at my face. Her doe-eyes sparkled with happiness and she kissed me like a new lover. Her face that had intrigued me the previous night looked sensual.

“Who are your parents?” I asked determined to ask her hand from them.

“My father’s dead,” she replied.

“And your mother?”

A naughty smile formed on her lips. “Hidula.”

“Hidula!” I uttered with incredulity. She was Hidula’s offspring! Hidula, the Goddess of my fantasies! No wonder Vaduma’s face looked so familiar. She had inherited all her mother’s sensuous beauty. With time, her body would ripen and become as voluptuous as her mother.

She began to giggle.

“What happened,” I asked irritably.

“You lust for her, don’t you?” she asked. Her eyes teased me.

“You must be mad,” I said feigning annoyance.

“Her name was on your lips when you were inside me,” she replied.

My face turned red. I rued my gaffe and felt genuine regret at hurting the poor girl’s sentiments, but her face displayed no jealousy. In fact my embarrassment seemed to puzzle her. As if to address my concerns she said, “The entire island lusts for her.”

Young Vaduma’s mature behavior stunned me. I didn’t know whether it was her broad-mindedness or the liberal sexual environment she grew up in. Probably, it was both.

“Your father’s a lucky man to be able to bed such a desirable woman,” I said.

Her eyes became soft. “He’s no more. He was out hunting when a lion mauled him to death.”

I remembered that a few days back I had caught sight of the lovely Hidula’s magnificent breasts. It didn’t occur to me that her bare bosom was the sign of widowhood. It meant she was again available for the picking. Just that thought sent blood gushing to my phallus. Fortunately, Vaduma’s eyes were staring at some far away nothingness. Obviously, thoughts of her father had moved her.

I pulled her to my arms. “I am sorry about your father.”

She buried her face in my chest. The womanly act pleased me. “Your mother must be very lonely,” I said.

“Yes, but I try and help her.”

Gently, I rolled her over on her back and gazed at her face. Hidula had trained her daughter well. I remembered how well Vaduma sucked my cock and frigged my bottom. “A woman like her must be missing a man in her life,” I said.

“Yes. That is why she’s training me to please her,” she replied as a matter of fact.

Her words stunned me. My Goddess Hidula in an incestuous relationship with her daughter! “What?” I almost shouted.

“She taught me to suck her breasts and please her pussy,” she explained innocently.

“How?” I asked with incredulity.

“With cucumbers and bananas,” she said.

“What else?” I asked, my excitement rising.

“I put my finger in her ass,” she continued.

“Really?” I questioned.


I believed her because she had done it to me.

“Do you make her happy?”I enquired.

“Yes, but she does pine for a real man with a big cock,” she added and pointed at my member which had become hard on hearing such a lascivious tale.

My body was on fire now. “You think I can make your mom happy?” I asked.

Vaduma’s reply made my heart skip a beat. “Of course! She tells me that you have the biggest and finest cock in the village? Your name is on her lips whenever I put banana inside her. ”

“What? Hidula said that? How does she know?” I screamed.

“She followed you many times into the forest,” Vaduma answered with a smile.

“When?” I asked.

“When my father was alive,” she answered without batting an eyelid. “Now that she’s mourning, she doesn’t come to the forests.”

What a cruel irony it was! Hidula following me unseen into the forest and watching me masturbate! Only if she knew who was in my mind when I did it. My happiness knew no bounds. Hidula, the Queen of all my fantasies lusted for my cock in secret even while her husband was alive !

“So, instead of her, you follow me now,” I asked playfully.

“Yes, my mother told me yesterday night after the ceremony. She wanted me to describe your cock to her. Its been a long time since she saw it.”

Those words set my body aflame. I mounted my companion and rammed my cock into her wet flesh. Carnal thoughts swamped my mind, and I pounded the sweet girl’s pussy with the brutality of a bull. The tip of my cock struck her cervix like a jackhammer. Finally, the floodgates opened, and a massive orgasm engulfed my being. I collapsed upon the darling girl's nubile body and savored the spasms of her snatch which milked me dry.

Our bodies sated, we walked to the river. Tenderly, I washed the opaque stains from my young partner’s vagina. Then, holding hands we started for the village. My resourceful mind had evolved a masterful strategy based on my knowledge of Mariba customs. A smile came to my lips as I thought about the results.

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