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Sphinx is a remnant of highly advanced civilization that elite do not the public to know .
The Archeological Cover Ups of Sphinx

Sphinx is a remnant of highly advanced civilization that the archeological elite such as Dr. Zahi Hawass, and the renowned Egyptologist Dr. Mark. Lehner, the world’s foremost authority in Sphinx do not want the public to know about it. The silent majestic Sphinx stands up on the Giza Plateau on the west bank of the Nile near the metropolis Cairo in Egypt.
Dr. Hawass and Dr. Lehner for their own academic advancement are denying the existence of highly advanced society prior to 4,000 B.C. If they both admit that Sphinx is built in 12,000 B.C by the hands of gods, the whole house of card shall tumble down in a matter of second. On the other hand, John Anthony West one of the most respected self thought in the fields of Sphinx refers to it as the 8th wonder of the world. Thus, West believes this magnificent structure is built by the hands of a very advanced intelligence as a calling card for the earth’s future generations.
In fact, this rejects the idea that the great Chafer (lived around 2,000B.C) with the help of hard labor and primitive tools is the master builder of this unique design. There is enough evidence to prove that Sphinx is built by the hands of god’s eons ago, before the rise of Egyptian civilization. Why is it so important that extraterrestrials have built this giant structure? Because then we must re-write the history. The Egyptologist is rejecting any evidence that conflicts with their established theories but, evidences speak for themselves. The first evidence is Sphinx itself. Dr. Warren writes,” The sphinx was carved out of single piece of stone weighing hundreds of tons. It was over 200 feet in the length or, about as long as a city block. For example, in Monly P Hall’s book The Secret Teachings of Ages (PXiii). The Sphinx is about 70 feet in height and is 38 feet across the shoulders. No one knows what types of tools were used to carve the stones.” (Warren, Plim.org) The question that still remains is whom we know with an advanced technology in 12,000 B.C. Our ancestors just had come down from the trees.
The second evidence is water erosion: West believes that the dent across Sphinx is water erosion. In addition, for many years, West tried to find a geologist to prove this important issue in vain. Until, he meets Dr. Robert Schoch (a member of geological studies at Boston University). Dr. Schoch is the foremost authority in geology. He joined West and other teams of scientists to study the water erosion on the side of Sphinx. The team of Dr. Schoch did much careful experiment on the structure. Moreover, from the point of geological erosion seen across the body of Sphinx could have only occurred as a result of thousands years of heavenly rains. Hart writes,” The rain which hasn’t occurred in the region at least 1,000 years before the pyramids were supposedly built.” (Hart, Nexus magazine)
It is an interesting mystery; no clear evidence of who were the master builders? How did they move the massive stone walls of temple accompanying the Sphinx? Was the wall built as the same time as Sphinx itself? For example, Jagadheep D. Pandian writes,” these walls are so massive in size and weight that only 3 cranes exist today that will be able to lift and move them. “(Pandian, Cornell.edu)
It is obvious that Hawass and Lehner have conspired to hide the truth about the Sphinx for as long as possible. Hart quotes from the conspirators,
‘1- There is no mystery about who built the great pyramid or what the methods of construction were, and the Sphinx shows no sign of water damage.’
‘2- There were no humans in the America before 2,000 B.C.’
‘3- The first civilization dates back no further than 6,000 B.C.’
‘4- There are no documented anomalous, unexplainable or enigmatic data to take into account.’(Hart, Nexus Magazine)
In 1993, there was a meeting of American Archeological Association over the mystery of Sphinx. There were many participants including Hawass, Lehner, Schoch, and West. Hart wrote, “In a debate over whether or not Sphinx was built by a superior race from another planet, this was an important issue which would alter the course of human history. But at the last minute West was not allowed to participate because he was lacking academic credentials.”(Hart, Nexus Magazine). Science is a method that anyone can peruse. It does not need a degree. The only thing necessary is curiosity, to observe the facts, and record them. It is open to anyone with the interest of want to know.
How ironic that the world accepts Eratosthenes (Greek scholar of the third century. He was first person to calculate the circumference of earth.) Eratosthenes lacked the modern academic credentials too. Yet, his discovery has been registered on the golden pages of science for eternity.
Indeed, the meeting was pointless. The water erosion conspiracy still remains to be in dispute. One must always be aware of discrediting techniques that would be bold enough to question professional authorities. The solution to water erosion is quite simple. The entire team of scientists involved should invite a third party impartial engineer and allow a test on Sphinx. The result should settle the issue for good. Then we will know was Sphinx built by primitive slave’s tools eons ago or, by using highly technological tools of a very advanced civilization from another planet or, dimension, who were exploring our blue planet. The scout extraterrestrial astronauts decided to live among primitive beings as gods while, exploring planet earth for its abundance of valuable resources such as: Gold, Oil, as well as other wealth before, ascending to stars. The gods decided to leave Sphinx as their ID Caller for earth link. Truly, they were hoping that when we technologically become mature enough, then we can answer their call back and be preparing to meet our gods. The Mayan Calendar prophesied that on December 21, 2012 our creators shall return and reside among us forever.
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