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We need friends
                                                      IN LIFE
A friend is someone we turn to when our sprits need a lift. A friend is someone we treasure for our friendship is a gift. A friend is some one who fills our lives with beauty, joy and grace so it will make the world we live in a better and happier place.
                                                      A letter?
Dear friend

It is long sin’s we spoke so what I am going to say will be the storey of the year and if it is ok with you
You are a friend and in this I can call on you time is not a limit
The respect I get from you in time of need
We had good times in life as for days in school, army and work all the same we were brothers
We live life as it came sometime it was hart but as friends we got thru it.
Do things as we did I will respect the friend ship.
I remember one day you came up to me and ask me will the day come we will not be friends no more and I said to you it will, the one of us leaf this life and not say goodbye.
Well you went and I stayed behind it is now agt years and I was up set whit you
In my hart I believe that you did not say goodbye
Well as a friend I was just upset in life we did things as friends we were brothers
I remember the day you and I were suspended from trade school for three weeks we went to Durban and ended up helping an old couple on a farm that lost their son. The farm  had no power the sons wife and two babies  lived in town we never saw her or met her as for the old couple they tried to get the farm in order so that the wife and kids can move back in with them you never thought twice when I said to you will you help me help them all I remember is come lets help them we did this as two brothers not as friends we did it to show we can do things for friendship not to benefit from each other I still wonder what happen to them we left in the night of the third week we did not stay for the next morning we left not to hear  them thank us for the work and to say goodbye we just left them I remember the old woman she never had hot water in the bath it was like a dream it was a gift from god that we came to them.
Now my friend I know why I had this dream of you that woke me and made me write this story to tell me you never for got to say goodbye that you will be there by me when ever I need you it is like the old couple a gift from god until we met again .
                                    In memory of a friend Van. 
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