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Care of Fox Network. .

        Dear Bill,
        co: Fox Network

              Government is corrupt and people can be bought.
        Can you get that into your thick potato head? Maybe or maybe not.
        Your network Fox was founded by a tabloid Barron. It is entertainment
        not truth driven NEWS. Did I cross the line?
              I have signed your petition for Jessica's Law.
        However, I know that politics is not about justice it's about money and
        Civil Libertarian Lawyers. Why did Jessica's Law flop?
        Simple, there are powerful pedifiles in the New York legislator. There
        are also interests in keeping the over crowed under budgeted prison system
        streamlined. But, most of the objections are for leniency.
              How many scandals have there been, involving New York politicians
        and underage prostitutes? Haven't you been charged with sexual harassment?
        The lawyer's argument is always implied consent in cases of harassment
        and statutory rape. And the age of consent varies from state to state.
                What a slippery slope. Recently, parents have been charged with
        molestation when bathing their children or touching them in sexually
        inappropriate ways in public. Breast feeding in public is illegal in some
        states. The laws are vague on where and when a parent can spank.
                Yes, Bill you are living in Sodom and Gomorrah, which was built
        on a large pocket of natural gas. From one Irish Catholic to another;

                "Don't wrestle with a chimney sweep. You'll always get
                covered in soot."

        Did you know New York City is built on a dormant volcano?
        But, I digress. Let's remember the children are the future and a 16
        year old girl is Armageddon. But, 18 is safe.

        Good Luck to You!

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